As you know Fly High is not a place to discuss  books only , but books and literature have always been an important presence in my life, both real and virtual. This great celebration ,  Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which is meant to give awards to best ones in the huge community of Book Bloggers, is a great occasion to celebrate books and blogging all together, meeting old and new friends, discovering new blogs and sites.
Day 1, which is today, is meant to highlight a couple of bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for us. They can be our mentors, a blogger that encouraged us to try a different kind of book, opened our eyes to a new issue, made us laugh when we needed it, or left the first comment we ever got on our blog.
In the first steps of my blogging experience, two bloggers have been very inspirational and also very supportive of my first attempts. Both have wonderful book blogs with thousands of  visitors everyday and hundreds of regular followers. 

Ms Lucy is one of my first and most friendly acquaintances in the blogoworld. She is of Italian origins but lives in Canada. And, surprisingly, we discovered how much we had in common reading and commenting  our blogs reciprocally. Her Enchanted by Josephine is an amazing site about historical fiction with hundreds of followers and enthusiastic readers.  She is so beautiful, I asked her if she has ever been an actress. No, never, she said. She is a super mum, instead: 5 children!
She granted me a sparkling interview in March 2010. What about knowing more about her? (Read here) And even much more  important: why don't you have a look at her wonderful blog? Enchanted by Josephine is an incredible place for historical fiction readers and not only.

2. Laurel Ann at Austenprose

One of the bloggers I most admire and from whose blogging experience I've tried to learn as much as I could is Laurel Ann Nattress at Austenprose.  She is someone I'm sure many of my Janeite readers know and appreciate. I regularly read her blog and sometimes comment her interesting posts but when her avatar peeps on Fly High or My Jane Austen Book Club! to contribute her opinion... I'm so pleased and flattered! She's organized great events online , goes on writing one the best Austen-dedicated sites in the blogosphere and is going to launch her first book, Jane Austen Made Me Do It, which includes Austen inspired stories from famous Austen writers .

Other great  bloggers I feel like mentioning here because they are part of my friendly community on line are: Jane Greensmith  at Reading, Writing, Working, Playing, Mary Gray at The Gray Willow, Antonella Lunarossa at Living Abroad, Meredith at Austenesque Reviews, Ana T. at Aneca's World, Alexa Adams at First Impressions, Katherine at November's Autumn, Marie Barton at Burton Book Review, and last but not least,  Prue Batten at Mesmered's Blog  These are just the book (and not only) bloggers  I 'm indebted to for my initial steps in the blogging  world. But my little community has grown up since the beginning and I've met lots of wonderful people (writers, readers, RA admirers, costume drama fans, friendly supporters from all over the world) who have enriched my life . Love to all and each one of them!


@parridhlantern said...

you have a great looking list here, most I've never come across so thank you for the introduction.

Maria Grazia said...

You're welcome!Off to visit your blog ...

Trisha said...

Great list of bloggers! I now have even more new-to-me blogs to check out. My list of influential bloggers, if you are interested!

BurtonReview said...

Awww.. Came over to see Lucy's spotlight cuz she is ALL that.. & you slip my name in too. Thanks so much, you are fantastic!

Memory said...

I'm always amazed at how many new-to-me blogs I come across during BBAW. I can't believe I haven't visited Lucy and Laurel Ann before. I'll remedy that ASAP.

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

WOW Maria. I am blushing. Thank you for these wonderful complements. Very rewarding to know I have inspired you and am a mentor. Truly speechless.

Thanks again, LA

Maria Grazia said...

Great list you have! I must check all those new blogs out there, they sound inviting in your own words. See you in a few hours!
Well, I found your blog out thanks to Lucy and both of you wrote fantastic reviews of fiction I'm interested in. So you simply deserved to be at least mentioned there.
Glad you appreciated my suggestions. Off to visit your blog now!
@Laurel Ann
It's simply the truth, Laurel Ann. I found your blog because of my fondness for Jane Austen and learnt a lot from you, about her, about blogging, about writing reviews ... Big Hug!

Lucy said...

Wow...I'm blushing- and I'm speechless. Thank you for such a lovely piece you wrote about me. Honestly, I loved your blog instantly! I found that we had a lot in common (Italian, teachers, love of English and history..and Austen!) You write the most interesting things and I absolutely LOVE your reviews. You are so talented and I admire you greatly. YOur work is terrific and I'm proud to be your friend:)And besides all that- You are one of the nicest people I know!
Thanks so much:)

Maria Grazia said...

@Ms Lucy
Not it's my turn to blush and be speechless!
Hugs back. MG