(by Melisa Marzett) 

One who reads a lot knows a lot, a Russian proverb says. Does it apply to books in English? Is it worth reading? Previously, literature and newspapers were almost the only sources of information. In the modern world, you can watch movies, videos, listen to podcasts to practice English, and receive new information. We offer to figure out why to read books in English.

1.Increasing vocabulary and improvement literacy skills

Everyone has their preferences in the literature. But, regardless of the genre of the book, you will run over the eyes of a hundred different words in the text. It is an incredibly effective way to enrich your vocabulary because the vocabulary is always used in context. Instead of mechanical searching and memorizing words from a dictionary, you can easily “absorb” them from a book. The more attractive the work, the more quickly you learn the new vocabulary.

2. Activation of passive vocabulary

You understand the meaning of many words and use them efficiently in speech. This vocabulary refers to the active vocabulary. But there are such words and grammatical structures that become passive. You can guess the meaning of the latter in the context, but do not use it in speech. Why? Because it is always easier to use a standard set of phrases, one that you know well. However, it is reading in English that helps activate passive vocabulary. Your speech becomes richer; you will not notice how you will begin to speak with the words of your favorite book characters.