(by Melisa Marzett) 

One who reads a lot knows a lot, a Russian proverb says. Does it apply to books in English? Is it worth reading? Previously, literature and newspapers were almost the only sources of information. In the modern world, you can watch movies, videos, listen to podcasts to practice English, and receive new information. We offer to figure out why to read books in English.

1.Increasing vocabulary and improvement literacy skills

Everyone has their preferences in the literature. But, regardless of the genre of the book, you will run over the eyes of a hundred different words in the text. It is an incredibly effective way to enrich your vocabulary because the vocabulary is always used in context. Instead of mechanical searching and memorizing words from a dictionary, you can easily “absorb” them from a book. The more attractive the work, the more quickly you learn the new vocabulary.

2. Activation of passive vocabulary

You understand the meaning of many words and use them efficiently in speech. This vocabulary refers to the active vocabulary. But there are such words and grammatical structures that become passive. You can guess the meaning of the latter in the context, but do not use it in speech. Why? Because it is always easier to use a standard set of phrases, one that you know well. However, it is reading in English that helps activate passive vocabulary. Your speech becomes richer; you will not notice how you will begin to speak with the words of your favorite book characters.

3. Studying grammar in practice

The texts in the books are written correctly so you can see how English grammar works. Cannot figure out the articles? When reading any book, try to pay attention to each piece and explain to yourself why it is worth it. Gradually, you will deal with this topic in practice, and the difficulties with articles will be a thing of the past.

4. The development of conversational skills

While reading the book, you will memorize new words and phrases, speech patterns, and idioms. Something will be forgotten, but something will remain in memory, and this knowledge can be used in your speech. The more you read, the more you can say. Your statement will become more complex and beautiful thanks to reading books.

5. Improving your English pronunciation

Every English learner would like to sound like a language speaker. Reading books in English will help you with this. Read English texts aloud to improve your pronunciation. In this case, all the words should be familiar to you; otherwise, you risk memorizing the wrong version of the sound of the word. It is best to find an audiobook and text to it. First, listen to what the announcer says: pay attention to the pronunciation of sounds, intonation, logical pauses, and stress. After that, turn off the audio recording and start reading the text, trying to copy the pronunciation of the native speaker exactly. Enough to engage in this way just 10-15 minutes a day, and after a couple of months, you will feel significant progress.

6. Full understanding of the language and style of the author

Many complain that it is not unusual to read books in translation; the meaning is distorted by a translator. Do you want to feel how the characters of Chuck Palahniuk or Jack London talk? Read their original works! You will be surprised by the new momentum, apt phrase, humor, different synonyms. Reading the books of one author, in the future, you will recognize his style, fall in love with every word.

7. A cure for old age

Reading in any language makes our brain work, reflect on what we read. And reading in English makes us put twice as much effort. Such a useful exercise will allow you to develop and keep your memory and thinking in good shape. British scientists have already proven that reading is one of the best ways to protect against Alzheimer's disease. If you want to be healthy, read books in English!

8. Improving concentration

Is it difficult for you to concentrate on work? Then start reading books in English in the evenings. You can read both aloud and to yourself. In any case, you will focus on the text, without being distracted by external stimuli, such as the TV in the next room or the beloved parrot chirping. In this way, you will learn to concentrate on one thing that will help you succeed not only in learning English but also at work.

9. A great hobby and a way to learn something new and interesting

Reading is a great hobby that suits everyone without exception. And those who make their first steps in English, and those who are systematically moving to the top, improving their knowledge of the language. You can read anywhere: at home in a chair with a cup of tea, in the subway, on the bus. For this, you need a desire and a book. Before you open the rich world of heroes, characters, and situations, reading foreign literature, you will learn about the socio-cultural characteristics of the life of the British, Americans, or Australians.

10. Increase self-esteem and a sense of pride in yourself

Imagine how great you feel when you chose a book in English, read it from beginning to end and enjoyed not only the process but also the result! Learning English is paying off: you can read and understand, discuss what you read, and share your impressions with friends or a teacher. It makes you proud of your achievements and motivates you to further success.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer who travels a lot and works for http://resumeperk.com
She is also a huge fan of reading in general and English literature in particular. Hardly a day passes without reading and writing for Melisa.

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