Do you remember Hitchcock's Spiral Staircase? Well, there's one in Hill House

I'm really happy to find myself in the position of enjoying a few days off starting from today,  so I'm here to share with you my joy and one of my latest exciting watching experiences, which  may fit the somewhat-dark merriment of today. 

Let me be honest first: Halloween has never been a big deal to me because

1. It generally isn't in my country, Italy
2. I'm definitely not attracted to things macabre and gloomy.

But ... there's always a BUT, isn't there?

I've been unexpectedly enjoying a show that may be the perfect pumpkin in your Halloween special -things-to-do list,  if you are not going to a party and are planning a stay-at-home celebration, alone or with friends. 

Here's my treat:  The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I am the first to be puzzled by my suggestion since I never thought a horror show about a haunted house could be something worth watching. But now I'm sure I never thought that, not because I had never seen one before (NE-VAH!),   but  because I had not seen this one yet!