I usually enjoy watching mystery or detective stories, especially if they are very smartly built around a murder case and not too bloody. I hate horror movies, in fact. So, when I bumped into a 2004 TV movie , starring Rupert Everett as a convincing Sherlock Holmes last night, I was caught up in its foggy intriguing atmosphere and forgot all I had to do. I remained there, sitting still till the end, trying to conjecture who the serial killer murdering teenage girls might be. It was broadcast on BBC PRIME, a satellite channel I sometimes watch because it proposes British programmes from BBC (old series of Spooks, Dr Who, The Vicar of Dibley, Doctors, Eastenders among others) .
I'm not a very good detective but I guess I could be an excellent helper, like Dr Watson (Ian Hart , below, in this version).
So, I tried to guess and infer from the clues ... I got the right culprit but I wasn't able to ... solve the case.The culprit had an alibi which had to be denied. Fortunately, Holmes was as brilliant as ever and saved, with the help of loyal Watson, the last chosen victim from the murderer. Just a second before it was too late, of course!


November 1903. Fresh from an opium den in London's East End, Sherlock Holmes relaxes with green tea and a book on beekeeping, paying no heed to Dr Watson's plea for help with a baffling case.
The corpse of a shabbily dressed young woman has been discovered in the mud flats of the Thames at low tide. Police assume she's a prostitute, but Dr Watson suspects something more and goes to his old friend Holmes, now retired and at very loose ends.
The original screenplay - not an adaptation from Conan Doyle - by Allan Cubitt re-unites an estranged Holmes and his friend Watson in a desperate bid to solve a case which threatens to overwhelm the privilege and tranquillity of Edwardian aristocratic society. The victims are in fact chosen among girls from ancient aristocratic families. The murderer uses the girls' silk stockings to torture and finally kill them.


P.S. There a new Sherlock Holmes coming out next Christmas time starring Robert Downey Jr as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson. Have you heard about it?



Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this on PBS a while ago. I thought Rupert did a fine job as Holmes.

Elvira said...

I would never have chosen Rupert Everett for Sherlock Holmes, but if you say the film was good, I believe you! And I had not heard about the new version coming out next Christmas. It sounds good. We'll see.

Interesting as always, dear M.G.!!

Maria Grazia said...

@Deleilan & Elvira
I found him convincing and even thought he should work more, 'cause he's a good actor.
Thanks to both for being always so kind. Have a good weekend!

Lotta Dahl said...

Hubby and I have been waiting for the new Sherlock holmes to come out! We are both huge RDjr fans and this looks awesome! add me to your twitter cause I can't find you on there! jennyjkerr is my username.

Maria Grazia said...

@Jenny Kerr
I am terrible with Twitter, I really still have to familiarize with its potentialities. I-ll try to add you, of course but can-t promise to suceed. Sherlock Holmes will be out on Christmas day in the States so ... starts planning. I-ll go and try to add you, now. See you on Twitter / I hope!

Eva said...

I love Rubert Everett! So now I want to see this just to enjoy him. ;)

JaneGS said...

Oh, sounds wonderful. I like mysteries but not gore also, and I've always like Holmes stories.

Not sure what I think about the Robert Downey Jr. movie--sort of looks like he's playing it as a cross between Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes. I think of Holmes as more cerebral than earthy, but I'm open-minded...could be great.

Luciana said...

Oh, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE SH! I've started to read the books when I was 14 and I'm a huge fan since then! However I have never heard of this version! There is a very terrible brazilian film where SH and Watson come to Rio de Janeiro to solve a sort of crime, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm VERY excited about this version made by Guy Ritche. I like his movies very much so when I heard that he was going to do a SH movie I got very happy!

Maria Grazia said...

@JaneGS & Luciana
I've just seen the clip of the new Sherlock Holmes and I must confess that I too noticed his being too wordly but I also had the impression they made him sort of modern superhero. Have you seen? He throws himself from windows down into the Thames! But let's wait after watching it for a proper definite ... comment. Maybe we'll like it.
You seem sure it'll be good , instead, trusting the skills of its director. I'm just waiting ... once I'll see it, I'll decide. The clip was entertaining and promising lots of action. Let's see!
Thank you both for your comments!

Maria Grazia said...

Hi there! welcome to my blog! I had a look at yours and found it very interesting and full of ... good book reviews! I like RE too. I think he is a very good actor who should be employed more. I haven't seen much of him recently.Thanks for dropping by.

lunarossa said...

Hi MG! I left a comment on this yesterday but it has disappeared. It had happened before. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...Anyway, ciao. A

Maria Grazia said...

I didn't find any comment from you yesterday, just this one today so...it's a mystery . Just like the one in the TV movie I posted about. Do you know how to get to Sherlock Holmes and ask for his help? Baker Street, London. Is it correct?
Joking, of course! Never mind, A. Thank you for passing by, anyway!

Ragtag said...

Saw this a few years ago. Rupert makes a very good Sherlock. I've always pictured Sherlock from the stories as a bit of a dandy obsessive so Rupert does that well.

Maria Grazia said...

As I wrote, I thought Rupert Everett a convincing Sherlock Holmes.Now that you tell me, yes, quite dandish he was! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

London Belle said...

I've only read two of the novles I really enjoyed Hound of the Baskervilles. I got caught up in that the most. I'm looking forward to Guy Ritchies Sherlock movie!


ibmiller said...

I thought Rupert Everett was an excellent choice for Holmes - but feel the script was very poor. The writer stole lines from the stories (and other books) without truly understanding the methods of criminal detection of the period. So he threw in random bits from crime dramas from today - Lestrade torturing a suspect, Holmes psychologically profiling a serial killer (really, should be "mass murderer," as serial killers as a profile was not known by that name - as indeed are most of the things that go on in this film). I love the Watson, as I think Watson's a lot smarter and tougher than most give him credit for (one of the few reasons I plan on seeing the new film, as its Watson looks like he's a really strong character), and his American accent was wonderful. His fiance's, on the other hand, was not (I really dislike Helen McCrory, and her character here does nothing to dispel that). All in all, this was a tremendously exciting project that really failed to fulfil on its promise.

Have you seen Jeremy Brett's television performance as Holmes? That series is a masterpiece, even in the later years when the stories got patchier and the star's health declined.

Maria Grazia said...

I'm afraid this is the first and only Sherlock Holmes adaptation I've seen. I hope I'll manage to see the new Holmes at the cinema at Christmas, it seems rather promising. But better not to expect too much!