Apparently they started shooting THE PARADISE series 2 at last! (Check HERE but beware of spoilers!)
Do you remember? A couple of months ago I was wondering what would happen at the beginning of the new series in one of my posts , which has become quite popular in fact being the one with the highest number of hits in the latest weeks. The worries I wrote about  have just been dissolved by the article I linked above. If you are as curious as me, just follow the link,  but I must warn you, there may be a huge spoiler and if you prefer to be surprised, don't click and go on reading here.

The series starts one year after the closing episode in series 1 and the cast we love will be joined by new additions including : 

 Lisa Millett (Five Daughters) as bawdy but kind-hearted cook Myrtle  

Katie Moore (Merlin) as Susy 

 Adrian Scarborough (Upstairs, Downstairs) as Fenton


Ben Daniels (House of CardsLaw & Order: UK)  as Tom Weston, an enigmatic former soldier

Joanna Vanderham (Denise Lovett), Emun Elliott (Moray), Matthew McNulty (Dudley), Sarah Lancashire (Miss Audrey), Stephen Wight (Sam) Elaine Cassidy (Katherine) and Sonya Cassidy (Clara) will all reprise their roles for series two.


Ludo said...

I cannot bring myself to watch The paradise. I love Zola's work so much that I lack the courage to watch this adaptation, even though I heard very good things about it.

Maria Grazia said...

Well, Ludo. Forget your Zola and watch The Paradise just for the love of good period drama. It has very little to do with the book it is loosely adapted from. And this second series will be even more distant, I bet.
Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment :-)

Anonymous said...

Because her name does not appear above, I am terribly worried that Ruby Bentall will not be returning, and she was the best thing about that show. :-(