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davids tourFor those who have not read  book yet, in David's Song, the protagonist, Annie has to make a choice between her husband Jeremy and their fifteen years of marriage and David Andrews, a lost love from years before.  When I wrote David'sSong, I had been contemplating the 'what ifs' of different choices earlier in my life, and ultimately decided that I was happy with the course my life had taken.  But the idea still intrigued me and I wondered what another woman might choose if given the chance to revisit that 'First love.'

By nature, I think women are people-pleasers. We tend to put our own needs on a back burner, so to speak, to keep peace and make those we love happy.  When we're put in a position of choice that will leave someone unhappy, it gets incredibly difficult. So in my story, I put Annie in that position.  There are two men, and she loves them both, but ultimately she has to choose between them.  That choice forces her to bring her own wants and needs to the forefront.  When she knows that someone has to be left behind, she cannot make a choice based on another person's happiness. It requires her to examine what it is that she really wants and needs in her life. I think this is something all women can relate to. Choices that force us to be 'selfish' are always the hardest. 

Fortunately for Annie, she has a good friend to guide her through the process - a friend who has a pretty objective opinion. Women tend to lean on each other for support, and sometimes that can be disastrous, and other times a lifesaver. We all need friends who can look at life from both sides and help us reach conclusions that are in our own best interest. 
A. R. Talley

David's Song Taken from the book cover: Annie only ever really loved two men in her life. One broke her heart, the other married her. Four children and fifteen years later, Annie’s marriage is in jeopardy. Money is tight and her husband questions the very foundation of their relationship. When Annie is unexpectedly given the opportunity to see the young man who broke her heart — a man who is now a megastar in the music industry — Annie is faced with choices. Choices that will determine what is of more value — a second chance at lost love and unfulfilled dreams or commitment, trust, and love built on years of experience. A psychologically subtle, yet compelling tale about how the instinct and need for love overcomes self-doubt and personal inadequacy.  
Author A.R. Talley April R Talley was born and raised in the Rubber City, Akron, Ohio in 1959. She is the youngest of six children. She attended Brigham Young University for a time, but withdrew to work fulltime for Osmond Productions in Orem, Utah as a member of The Osmond production staff. After a brief stint working in television, she returned to Akron to finish her education. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Mass Media Communications in 1981. April later worked as vice president and part owner of a dance and sportswear boutique. Married in 1982, she is the proud mother of seven children and is deeply involved in volunteer work for her church. April spends her time working on future projects, caring for home and family, and traveling. David’s Song is her debut novel and the first of a trilogy.

  Praise from reviews on Goodreads.com

  "Not just your typical romance novel" - Tracy Williams "David's Song is great read that leaves you thinking about the story and pondering your own relationships". - Anna Pavkov "Sucked me in from the 1st page" - Jill Walker

 "Loved this book . . . could not put it down!" - Dana Vieira    


“Are you alright?” he asked.  I couldn’t believe that he was coming into perfect form and I was starting to fall apart.  I couldn’t answer him.  I didn’t need to.  He could see the anxiety all over me.  He took my face in both of his hands.  “Annie, we’re back in the classroom.  We’re just having fun.  Winning doesn’t matter.”  His smile grew wide, his blue eyes intense.  “It’s just for fun!” 
I nodded and tried a few more deep breaths.  Just for fun, I told myself.
          “Ladies and Gentlemen, finalist number 241!”
I forced a smile as David led me to the long right corner of the dance floor.  The crowd was cheering loudly.  He stood before me in waltz position, his hand extended and inviting.
          “Annie, do you want to dance?” he said quietly, a gleam in his eye. 
I wanted to cry.  “David, I would love to dance,” I said, and I stepped into his arms.  Suddenly the audience melted away.  The judges, the competition disappeared.  The lights above the dance floor that had felt so intense before began to narrow and drift far away into those radiant November stars I had dreamt about.  David swept me into the trance of an exalted waltz.  We were alone.  Alone with the music.  Alone with our steps.  Alone in the grace of each other’s arms.  
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