How to Read Effectively and Efficiently - Tips for young readers by Jason Harter

Reading is both fun and enjoyable when you are good at it. If you have trouble grasping written words, then chances are you do not enjoy it. One of the best ways to become a good reader is to find things that you actually want to read. The more you read than the better you will get. Use the following tips to help you become to most effective and efficient reader possible.

1) Read for Fun

One of the best ways to become better at reading is by practicing it. Pick of trashy books and fun magazines that pique your interest. You will be reading for pleasure, and it will teach you to become a better reader. You do not have to read things that are hard just to better understand wordy complicated texts. It will get easier with time, but only if you are willing to try and make reading fun first.

2) Scan as Fast as You Can!

Learn how to scan texts so that you can understand the main idea of a text in an efficient amount of time. If you are unsure how to begin scanning, then there are few things you need to do know first. The most important thing to remember is that you only need to understand the basic concept idea of a text and not the whole idea. Thus, you only want to scan a document when it is of little importance. Begin by focusing your eyes on the middle of the sentence. Quickly read the sides of each sentence with your peripheral vision. This may sound complicated at first, but it will get easier to do. This cuts down on your eye movement as you move them across the page. You will also want to pick up on big keywords. This will help you identify the purpose of the text. Use these scanning tips to help you become a faster reader.

3) Understand the Text

If you just plain do not understand a document or text, then you probably need to brush up on your grammar and vocabulary. Try taking a few refresher courses online or reading a vocabulary word a day. Do not be afraid to look up any words you do not understand either. It is so easy to look things up today thanks to the instant response times of the Internet. Thus, you there is not need for you to feel incompetent of stupid. Plenty of people are not at same level of reading as their peers.

The best way to becoming an efficient and effective reader is by making sure that you practice everyday for at least twenty minutes. Soon enough those twenty minutes will turn into an hour, and then you will be ready all the time for fun. Keep things light and easy at first. Then, when you are ready, move on to harder books and texts. You will be a better reader in no time.

Author Jason Harter is an English teacher who got his degree from one of the 10 Best Online Teacher's Colleges.

How did you become proficient readers? What would you suggest to young readers?

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