Robert Sheehan  and Eline Powell as Eli and Anita
Roberto Faenza has started shooting his new film, Anita B.,  in Bolzano, Italy, with an international cast: Robert Sheehan, Eline Powell, Antonio Cupo, Nico Mirallegro are among the young protagonists. The movie is based on a novel by Edith Bruck (read about her HERE), titled Quanta stella c'è nel cielo, which,  for what I know, hasn't been translated into English so far. 

The book

Edith Bruck won the Premio Viareggio Narrativa 2009 for  «Quanta stella c'è nel cielo». There's no grammar mistake in the title. It was just meant to sound "How much star is there in the sky" in the quoted line of Sàndor Petöfi's ballad.  
Anita (Eline Powell) , who's  only 16,  has just the great Hungarian poet's  lines to warm her heart and little else sweet left in her mind.  She keeps so many ripping memories inside herself, memories nobody wants to listen to.  She survived the concentration camp, is beautiful and sensitive, life trials have tattoed her soul forever. She's running away from a Hungarian orphanage to join her aunt, Monika. 

Nico Mirallegro, Robert Sheehan and Eline Powell
Eli, Monika's young brother-in-law, meets Anita at the border to accompany her in a  journey through Czechoslovakia, where she finds herself a clandestine in a world still in turmoil. 
Eli (Robert Sheehan) doesn't seem to care about her past, her wounds:  the young man is attracted by her body and as soon as they start their journey in a train, overcrowded by a vagabond multitude, he starts harassing her in a cruel, cynical game. Quanta stella c'è nel cielo is full of unexpected twists and turns. It tells how the journey from death to life is possible and how the path to hope sometimes follows  unforeseeable  schemes. 

Robert Sheehan on set in Bolzano from  Robert Sheehan Web
The movie will be shot completely in English like Roberto Faenza's previous movie, "Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile" (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You), which was based on Peter Cameron's best selling novel.

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