Why Reading Classic Literature May Give Advantages in Your Education

(by guest blogger Pam Johnson)

Reading classic literature has never really been your idea of fun. However, you have started to realize that doing so might have some serious advantages for your career. Instead of pushing these novels to the wayside, start to consider the possibilities that they can offer to you.

Understanding Allusions
Whether it is in modern literature, history or class in general, allusions are often made to works of classic literature. Basically, an allusion is a reference to something else in its most simple form. However, if you do not read these classic works of literature, then you are not going to understand the allusions. This lack of understanding might cause you to fall behind in the coursework or to not fully understand what it is that the professor is trying to explain.

Building Vocabulary
Some of the pieces of classic literature might introduce you to terms that were used in Old or Middle English. By reading these pieces, you will have a better understand of these languages when they come up in your classes. Of course, many classical writers use sophisticated language in general, so their word choice can help you to build your own vocabulary and to see the ways in which sentences can be formed to convey meaning. If you are a writer, you certainly understand the importance of diction and syntax.

Pre-requisites for Classes
Let's say that you are planning to obtain an even higher education in the field of literature. If you are going to work on a master's degree or even a doctoral degree, you are going to need to have completed certain pre-requisite courses. These classes will generally entail the discovery of some classic literary works, so you will need to read them to move forward. However, even if the works are not required by the university to complete a class or gain admittance into another one, you need to consider the aforementioned benefits and how they can help you to better understand other pieces.

A Worldly Perspective
Being educated is not all about going to school and learning the lessons that are taught in class. To be a truly educated and worldly person, you also must gain an appreciation of and a sense of culture. Therefore, reading classic literature can help you to achieve this status and to be a person with a more open-minded approach to other works. Even when you are not enrolled in any courses, you can still procure a list of the classic works of literature and begin to read by yourself. If the material is challenging, do not give up. Look to reputable sources on the Internet to help enhance your understanding of what these works truly represent in the larger sense of literature and the world.

Whether you are talking about a traditional education that takes place in the classroom or are looking to define education in a broader sense, classic literature truly has a great number of advantages to offer to you and to your inquiring mind.

Author Pam Johnson is a psychologist who studies the affects of reading on developing minds. If you are interested in a career like this, take a look at How Do I Become an Industrial Organizational Psychologist?

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