I'm still trembling at the memory of his piercing blue eyes. It's been one of the most exciting meetings in my life. But it was not easy. Not easy at all. I met and interviewed Finnian, the protagonist of "A Thousand Glass Flowers" (my review) who accepted to answer some of them. Read what he told me, leave your comment + your e-mail address, and you'll get a chance to win the e-book version of this incredible tale! Open worldwide, this giveaway ends on September 14th

Sir Finnian, first of all I must thank you for the courtesy you grant me by accepting the invitation to answer a few questions. I know your story, it touched my heart. I read every word Prue wrote and while reading I wished I could meet you.
I know it mustn’t be easy for you to re-live some events in your past. But could we start by explaining what it is like to be a Færan living in Eirie?
Firstly Maria, let me say it is a pleasure to meet you. I like your voice. I have a predilection for voices, you see. But to answer your question, to be Færan and living in Eirie is normal for one such as me. I have the freedom to pass between my world and what you perceive as your world as quickly as it takes to breathe one soft breath. Better to be Færan living in Eirie I think, than a mortal trying to cope with the Others that move back and forth. You have seen it for yourself after all, haven’t you?
Tell me Maria, have I developed some sort of tic on my face? You seem to be…
     Why do I stare at you? Ehm … *blushing*… it’s just that you remind me of someone I truly admire. You resemble him as if you were his twin. Stunning resemblance! But, please, let’s go on Sir Finnian, I know we have little time. Now… what does being Isolde’s Finnian mean?

Ah. *Frowns* Firstly can you call me Finnian? I am not so noble as to be called Sir and it makes me uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as being called ‘Isolde’s Finnian’. You have to understand… even though she has the label grandmother, there is nothing of the ‘grand’ or the ‘mother’ in her bearing. Nothing. As to being hers? That is surely debatable.
Ambition, hatred, revenge, thirst for love … what leads you on?
If I answer to any or all of those, what would you think of me? If I said ambition you would see me as self-serving. If it were hatred or revenge then you would be disgusted and I would be vilified, if it were a thirst for love, does that not make me a little pathetic? In truth, I think it is for others to decide.
What are/were the most important people in your life?
If I’d had family in my life, that might have been an answer. As it is if I reveal the truth then people may know too much too soon.
Have you got a philosophy, a motto?
You are on a quest for the Cantrips and this heavy weight seems to interfere with your thinking. Are you sure you want to go on answering my questions?
The Cantrips, or charms, spells, whatever you wish to call them, are so powerful they could… I could… *shifts in chair and sighs* Maria, I understand why you would ask such a question, but can you understand why I do not wish to answer?
Ok, then. Could you just tell us why it is indispensable you find and destroy those Cantrips? What are they?
No. We shall not take this line of questioning further.
People can die because of your quest. Well, mortals can die because of you. How could you bear that?
Maybe I do bear it, maybe I don’t. You must be the judge.
-         Ok, I’m so sorry I upset you. Forgive me and please don’t look at me like that. You are not trying to mesmer me, Finnian, are you? If you want me to stop, just ask, please.

      You must ask what you want. It doesn’t mean I shall answer.

Invisibility and mesmer are among your powers. Do you feel privileged?
 The Færan have many powers. It doesn’t follow that one should feel privileged.
 Is there anything you envy in mortals?
 *Looks down and laughs and then stares me right in the eye* The ability to be normal.
  What frightens you the most?
 Do you believe in Fate?
 Don’t you?
 What is your greatest regret?
 Being Other.
 What do you wish for now?
 To go where I belong for you must surely see I do not belong here.
 If you could use one of your mesmers to improve our world, the world of the mortals in which Prue and I live, what would you do?
 To help the have-nots in your world. There appear to be many.
I know you must go now Finnian, though I’ve got still so many questions to ask. But I thank you and wish you the best. You deserve sympathy, admiration and esteem. Well, you’ve got mine, at least. 
Finnian says nothing but smiles, bows head and leaves.
Many thanks to Prue Batten for arranging my meeting with Finnian and, above all, for granting you all a chance to win her beautiful book. Leave your comments, e-mail address and ... good luck!
Remember that A Thousand Glass Flowers is available on amazon.UK and amazon.com in the kindle version.


Rosalie Skinner said...

Richard does it for me.. were we supposed to read the words too? Oh... yeah.. of course. Great interview. Wonderful character revealed, tempting us to linger on learning more, though it could be mesmerising.
What a brilliant post. Thanks for sharing Prue and Finnian, and Maria for extracting answers for us to contemplate.

Literary Chanteuse said...

Very interesting interview! He sounds ...very intriguing! Thanks for the giveaway, i would love to read this!!


Anonymous said...

LOL that's an awesome interview! (and a great idea to reach out and pull in some readers) At first I totally thought I was reading something real (I was kind of skimming it) then I backtracked when all these strange locations were thrown in and realized it wasn't real. Was kind of disappointed.. :P


And this would be awesome to win!


Anonymous said...

If the intention was to tease readers like me, you've got it. A magic world, adventure, romance, this misterious Finnian, with RA's look as bonus - it's impossible not to be interested!
Thanks Maria Grazia and Prue for this.