1. Great blogoevent I had to skip

I really wanted to be part of it but  I had to renounce for several reasons. First of all , I can't stick to a fixed schedule as for times and days. Sometimes I happen to blog from midnight to one a.m. when I'm very busy with real life. This week is frantic,  frenzy time! For instance, it is almost Saturday and I'm trying to post something for my RA Friday!
Anyhow, even without me, the ladies who joined The RA Fanstravaganza are having a great time. Just have a look at their joint efforts and vote in the polls they prepared.

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2. Avalon at Avalon's blog.
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4. Traxy at The Squeee
5. Susan at Me+Richard
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7. Mulubinba at An RA viewer's perspective from 33°0'S of the equator
2. Collateral damages of  Strike Back Promo : its sudden appearance, and even more sudden disappearance, provoked several victims!

In my Wednesday post I broke one of my blogging rules: RA only on Friday. OMG, my one weakness led me to that. But I had to show all of you the brand new 2-minute promo of Strike Back I had just found online and, also,  my caps from it.
The release of the terrific promo  provoked many collateral damages among my RA enthusiast friends. Just one quote for all: M. Gray,  "Richard looks like he's going to do some serious damage to someone in the last pic" (the one above) . Read the  other comments under my post here.
 Now there will be more and more damages , since the terrific promo has suddenly disappeared from the blog which had posted it. Why, Mr Damian Knight? Why isn't any longer possible to admire your excellent work? At least, I've got my stills from it.
3. Libertines and rascals from the 18th century in my dreams
My dreams are haunted  by handsome unscrupolous libertines , namely, Robert Lovelace (Clarissa) and Lord Damerel (Venetia).  How can I resist their charm and seductive tricks if they’ve got Richard’s voice and tall dark blue-eyed handsomness in my mind? I know one is going to reveal himself as devilishly wicked and the other one as a romantic hero but ... So far they are both extremely fascinating.
Last Sunday, I listened to The Persuit, episode 1 of BBC 4 Radio Drama Clarissa,  in which Richard is Robert Lovelace, who is passionately wooing young innocent Clarissa. Will she accept to elope with handsome Lovelace in order to avoid her marriage with disgusting old Mr Solmes? 
I've also re-listened to it enough times to be able to appreciate any nuance of the excellent performances the cast gave . Richard was impeccable.  This is my favourite moment.

Then , I've also started Venetia by Georgette Heyer both as a book and as an audiobook. I'm in fact reading the novel and listening to Richard's narration of the  Naxos abridged version of it. I'm only at p. 34, end of chapter 2, of  the book and at file 6 part 1 of the audiobook .  Lord Damerel has already conquered my heart. His first meeting with Venetia in the woods at Priory is unforgettable.
Listen to a sample excerpt and to Richard's interview about recording Venetia HERE


mulubinba said...

I'm sorry you couldn't be part of the RAFanstravaganza, Maria - I hope life is a little less hectic for you next week! (The polls have been a lot of work though).

I absoluetely adored Part 1 of Clarissa and I am waiting for my audio of Venetia. I've read the book. Apparently Naxios mentioned that they can only make abridged versions owing to copyright or "rights" to the entire book. (I will have to check).

As for the Strike Back trailer - the original poster, Damien, was reportedly asked to take it down as it was a breach of copyright. It was good though, wasn't it!

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks Mulubinba. You are always very kind to me.I was terribly sorry too. But I was sure I couldn't "work" as I wished for the event and preferred to ..."decline the invitation". I'll be there next time you organize something, be sure!
I found part one of Clarissa, extraordinarily entertaining. You can't imagine how much I hated Richardson when I was at university and had to study his works but ...look at me now! I even re-read much of the first book (I've got a 3-book edition). RA's positive influence makes us enlarge our horizons.
Venetia has been dispatched before the due date, just as it happened with Sylvester. Thank you, Naxos !But I'm going on very slowly, I'm just at the beginning of this new reading/listening venture. I'd do that all day long but , it is not possible.I'd risk... divorce... being fired...
As for the Strike Back trailer, I had imagined something like that. It was so good, though! I hope they'll release it officially soon with the dates of SB airing! It's definitely time!

Unknown said...

Thank you, MG for the RA-updates: and WOW!, a double treat, this week!
I've been serenely indifferent to Richardson's work until... a clue? last Sunday! ;) Then suddenly I've found out how interesting is Clarissa, have done researches on the Net, have watched - and enjoyed - the BBC mini starring Sean Bean and... here I am, utterly and completely addicted to RA's captivating vilain. Kudos to BBC Radio4 for letting us enjoy the radiodrama, also from abroad: it's a delight to be able to listen to Clarissa live, and possibly commenting it at the same time while chatting with fellow RA-followers ;)
Ah, MG! You're perfectly right about RA's positive influence!
Enjoy Venetia, my dear friend, and have a nice weekend.

Phylly3 said...

Best audio clip from Clarissa! He sounds so irresistible! Who wouldn't go with him?! Alright, I guess I can understand that she wants to do what she wants to do, and not be pressured by everyone. Shades of the modern woman! But at some point, she ends up seeming like a spoiled brat!
(Maybe I'm getting to far into it and remembering the miniseries version)!

Maria Grazia said...

@ Karen
Thanks a lot! You always succeed in making me feel better , someway. Enjoy your weekend.
Big, big hug!

Maria Grazia said...

Influenced by the miniseries or not,you are perfectly right! Have the best of weekends, P.