I do mean no time. No time for watching or reviewing films or series, no time for reading or reviewing books, no time for passing along my latest awards... preparing tests and correcting them is what I've been doing all day. I'm also working at school in the afternoon for extra-lessons to my weakest students  at the moment,  so I have to apologize if I'm not reading  or commenting your blogs nor posting  interesting stuff on mine.
Anyhow, I have worked a little on line too  in the last few days. For instance, I've started a new blog for MY JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB. Have you seen the link in my sidebar on the right? Do you want to have a look at it? HERE IT IS. I'll post notes, quizzes, threads and reports of the meetings of our reading club there. Do you remember? We didn't have a brilliant start  (HERE) but I hope next time it'll be better.

Then I told you I'm teaching Byron and his Childe Harold's Pilgrimage in my previous post and I've also being preparing notes and power point slides to post on LEARNONLINE for my elder students. Then ,with a group of my younger ones, I've started reading medieval ballads and, just today, I added notes and a text for them too on LEARNONLINE. I've told them about Robin Hood and the cycle of the outlaws and they are enthusiastic of the idea of reading one ballad and , maybe, seeing some bits of a filmed adaptation. Can you guess which ballad we are going to read? Yes!  Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (just some stanzas) . Probably I'll make a clip with some scenes with Guy and Robin from BBC Robin Hood. Any suggestions?
You see, I'm working hard, but I also find occasions to read and teach my students what I like best and ... working can become such a joy! I'll let you know how my students react.

Now, before wishing you the best of nights - it's nearly 10 p.m. here - I just want to remind you the great giveaway offered on FLY HIGH by M.Gray: a free copy of BBC NORTH AND SOUTH (2004) . You just have to click here, read my interview to her, comment, leave your e-mail address and wait until next Friday! There's very little time left. Good luck!


Phylly3 said...

No need to apologise for being busy with your work. My goodness I don't know where you find the time to maintain such a wonderful blog as you do with a regular full time job -- nevermind being a TEACHER which is a MORE than full time job. And now you are working longer to give extra help to struggling students? Well, all I can say is your students are very lucky to have you. And we are lucky to be able to share the fruits of your labour in your "spare" time!
Take a break for heaven's sake! We will miss you, but then appreciate you even more when you return!

Maria Grazia said...

Thank you Phylly! I'm trying to cope with everything but I must sleep from time to time! You are definitely right. I need some rest.

Unknown said...

I second Phylly's post: and "You don't need Henry to explain"! ;-)
Please take your time, but most of all, take a break! I know for sure a certain someone has recently whispered into your ears some interesting proposals... so just do it! :-D

Probably? HA! I bet you'll do it!
My favourite GoG/RH scenes are all from ser. 1 ep. 8 (Tattoo? what tattoo?), with both verbal and physical (and psychical) confrontation. priceless!
Have a nice day,

Luciana said...

Good luck MG! Being without time it's very hard, I hope you have time to enjoy yourself and have a little rest!

Maria Grazia said...

Thank you! For your support and for the suggestion. Off to school again. :-(

Lucy said...

You are sooo busy!!! Yet it sounds like so much fun you're having:)

I hear you...

(I have to look at your Austen page..hope I can squeeze that in..)


Maria Grazia said...

@Ms. Lucy
Actually I do enjoy myself while teaching. I hate the corecting/assessing side of my professional tasks, otherwise I do think mine (ours) is a wonderful job! Exhausting but wonderful!

Louise said...

Don't have to apologize. I am absolutely swamped at work myself, and haven't had time to blog for two weeks. I am slowly getting into the habit again though. Keep up the good work - here and there :-D