The Book - Love's as Easy as ABC

All Laura wants to do is begin her teaching career and forget her troubled past. After what she’s been through, she wants little to do with men, especially charming but untrustworthy fellow teacher Miles. When his coolly confident older brother is taken on as Deputy Head however, Laura has to reassess who she is and what she really wants. Has she the strength of character to recover her lost confidence - and will she ever find true love with the right man?

If you liked ‘In a Class of His Own’, you’ll love this sort of sequel


 All surroundings melted away. As if in a dream she watched him walk slowly down the steps towards her. In the distance she could hear the count down to midnight. It was nearly the New Year. Time for a new her. For a new start.

‘Oh I …’ she began and then all speech stopped. In the silvered light he appeared colourless, monochromatic. Then, as he neared, she saw his eyes. They blazed a hot blue which began an insistent rhythm in her heart. An invisible thread pulled her to him …

The Author 

After teaching for twenty years, Georgia Hill decided to take a leap of faith and leave the chalk face to write. Her books reflect her interests: the theatre, Jane Austen, intriguing men, rural life and all things romantic. ‘Love’s As Easy As ABC’ is not at all based on her school experiences! She lives with her long-suffering husband, two naughty spaniels and a ghost called Zoe in a converted hop-kiln.

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