All for one and one for all
"Please, don't kill them all"  is my first thought, watching this great still above.

However,  my first words must be, "I apologize". Why? Because tomorrow  is Day Five for Spooks 10 and I'm still here commenting episode 4. A bit late. So late that it's better to consider it  an occasion to revise before going on more than a review of a watching. 
OK. Take it as it is. I watched it, after the majority of you had already done it, and I wanted to share my impressions all the same. If you mind spoilers, though mild, please don't ...

I can't think we are two steps away from the very end of it. Only two episodes left, two hours. Then it'll be over, for good. Too painful a thought so, let's concentrate on what we had last Sunday.

From the end backward.

A very angry - let's say furious - Harry openly defies his ex-friend turned into one of his worst enemies.

Before that, a torn Harry sits on a bench and shares very touching thoughts with Ruth. Again, "the cost of being a spy": "Do you know what it is like to feel something for someone and then one day realize you don't even know them?" 
I'm sure Harry knows. Such an experienced man with such a troubled conscience must know what it is like, Ruth. 
I feel for the two of them. Anyway, Ruth should know she's asking Harry for too much. Something like, being loyal to her or to his country. He simply cannot choose. She neither,actually. She is still pondering over the Home Secretary's proposition.
Erin's dream of a normal life is shattered in Trafalgar Square. 
She had previously said to Harry: "I don't think you have to give everything. I think you can have a normal life and do this (being a spy). I have to believe that"
Well, she is harshly disillusioned, her confidence shattered in a wink. 

Everything ends well for her luckily, tears and relief,  huge smile and hugs, but nothing will be the same any more in her mind and in her life. 
She cries her fear away on D's shoulder. D= Dimitri. Tender is Dimitri in this series, do you remember my  previous diary entry?

"I can't do it Harry", Erin will confess the next day. 
D's ready to join her up to the roof where the episode had started. He reassures her and has her smile again at last. Well done, D! But keep your distance now, your boss is back:  "Got to keep on your toes!"

Look at that jacket. I've already seen it ...

Before that, a tense episode, fast paced, gripping, to watch on the edge of your seat and biting your nails...if only you hadn't already seen terrorists planning a suicide attack in a crowded London landmark and MI5 assets infiltrating them in order to discover and defuse the murderous plot some other time in the previous series. I mean, I could but feel all the anxiety, the thrill, the menacing nightmare in the scenes in Trafalgar Square and before but ... with the impression of a deja vu.

Previously Ruth had had to witness Harry protect and save the life of Helena. Harry's past, Harry's secrets, Harry's bonds to other people she had never heard about are menacing their long-lasting relationship based on trust, loyalty and mutual esteem. She's hurt, uncertain and restless.

The episode had started with the whole section D summoned by Harry for a quick debrief  on the roof on a windy morning. Suggestive scene: "All for one and one for all" ,  I liked it (see first still in this post, above)
As I liked the whole episode. 
At the end of my Day 3 Journal I had stated that I had been awkwardly relaxed for watching a Spooks episode. Not this time. Old Spooks thrilling rhythm was back. 

P.S. 1
Missing my favourite spy a lot. Terribly much. By the way,  has D inherited his clothes? Part of them? That doesn't help me at all. 

Richard Armitage as a spy, again?

P.S. 2 I've heard they are looking for the new James Bond since Daniel Craig is leaving.  Here's the perfect one! Just wait for him. Currently engaged on a mission in The Middle Earth. Under cover. Code name: Thorin Oakenshield. Quite unrecognizable. Good disguise. A dwarf.


lunarossa said...

Ciao bella, great post. After watching episode 4 and 5 I'm speechless. I will be in mourning from next Sunday evening onwards...whatever happens there will nothing like Spooks again. A.x.

Maria Grazia said...

Still have to watch episode 5. Going to do it very soon! Speechless... mmm...I'm so curious to see the rest of it and at the same time I'm sad thinking it is the end ... for good :-(
Thanks for your comment. Hugs. MG

Traxy said...

It's amazing how elvish Richard's ears look on that last picture! :)