Tonight I want to invite you to re-read my favourite pages from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Last Wednesday 16 December,   it was Jane Austen’s birthday so let’s go on celebrating her.

Elizabeth has now definitely formed her opinion of Mr Darcy, not at all a positive one. She absolutely  hates and despises him:
first of all he said she is just of tolerable beauty, he didn’t want to dance with her at Meryton, he cheated Wickham on inheritance matters, influenced Mr Bingley in his decision to turn her sister’s Jane down. What more does she need to think he is the last man in the world she would want to marry?

But totally unexpected Mr Darcy’s proposal comes … Listen to Dominic West reading it.


Now the same scene from the 1995 BBC adaptation starring Colin Firth  as Mr Darcy
and  Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth

If you are, instead , a fan of the 2005 film adaptation maybe you want to see Mr Darcy's first proposal under the rain again. ( click here )

Matthew MacFadyen and Keira Knightley

How would you react if you were Lizzie? Just the same? Definitely not in that way? Don’t cheat … we know more than Elizabeth about Mr Darcy ! So, to be precise, what would do if you were her, knowing what she knows, thinking what she thinks of him?

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Alexa Adams said...

I hate to admit it but I fear I'm more Charlotte Lucas than Elizabeth Bennet and would not be such a simpleton as to make myself disagreeable to a man of his consequence. Austen would not approve, but like him or not I don't think I could say no.