We usually call “black sheep” those who don’t conform, who distinguish themselves for their creating infinite troubles or finding themselves always in trouble. The story I want to tell about this evening is set in a home for “black sheep”, that is to say, difficult teens.
Sylvie lives for her job at this centre, she tries to be helpful and positive and is always the first in and the last to leave at night. When one of those boys arrives at the reception at night, she refuses to let him in, and he becomes aggressive and abusive. Liz freezes and her colleague Kellie steps in and takes over. Sylvie is left terrified and badly shaken and when everyone begins to doubt her side of the story, she starts doubting herself. She can’t cope with her panic fits when she is alone in her house and she can’t go on working. That boy has spoilt her peaceful routine and ruined her life. She’s terrified of being alone at home, of going out, of meeting young people in the street...
This is briefly the plot of the fifth episode in the BBC series MOVING ON I’ve recently seen on DVD and have been reviewing in previous postings. I just wanted to finish what I started and with this episode, titled THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, I can say I’ve completed my task. I loved all the 5 episodes, they are simply shooted and focused on the psychological insight of the characters, then they deal with contemporary issues and you can imagine those stories might be happening to your neighbour this moment. My favourite ones are THE RAIN HAS STOPPED, BULLY AND DROWNING NOT WAVING, that is to say, the first 3 episodes. But I didn’t mind the other 2.

For further information visit the official BBC site. HERE.
If you live in the UK you can watch this episode HERE.

Now, guess what? I am officially ON HOLIDAY from today till 24th August!
Incredible, this morning no alarm – clock at 6.30, a quiet looong breakfast –time, no hurrying to school to find parking space and to be on time ...... the never-ending sitting marathon has finished! This exam session has been the longest , most tiring, in my teaching career but it had also positive records: all my students passed (last year two failed and I was very sad); I learnt lots of new things (not joking, true!) ; I had more than one moving moment; I was proud of all my students and particularly appreciated the efforts of some them. I think among this year’s students, there are very motivated, willful, clever, sensitive young people who will do their best at university and in general in their lives. Most of these “rare pearls” are girls. Yes, girls more than boys, whom I felt lucky to have as my pupils, they are absolutely special and they are ... several... not a majority actually, yes, a minority... but they are in this world and this world is better thanks to them.


Elvira said...

I'm so glad you're on holiday!!!!!! Vivaaaa!

I like the rare pearl concept, much more than the black sheep. Good for you!


Maria Grazia said...

I want to enjoy every little moment of this holidays. I promised myself, but when I'm exhausted as I am now it's a bit difficult.
I too prefer my young rare pearls to my black sheep ... but the latter needs our care, love, and help, even more than the others. Grazie, Elvira. Baci.

Elvira said...

I thought it was a different way of calling the special people. Baci

Mo said...

Have a wonderful holiday. What are you reading while relaxing?

Maria Grazia said...

well, they are special in the sense of "out of ordinary". That is to say, a "Black sheep" is not someone docile, mild, easily conformed to rules. But as I told you, they need to be cared after even more. Maybe love could turn them into ..."rare black pearls"!
You're right, Mo. I'm relaxing and reading a lot,as I usually do on holiday. I've just finished reading a book which has been in my bag and on my bed-side table for two months. I'll post about it in the next days.It's SHIRLEY by Charlotte Bronte. I've been reading it for two months (100 pages ) and finished it in two days as soon as I stopped working (more than 300 pages)!