Not long ago I was thinking and posting about "baddies". Do you remember? I started like this:

"WHERE DO BADDIES COME FROM? I’ve always been convinced that those we consider bullies, evil beings, even criminals were not born like that. If they do not suffer from a psychic pathology then they must be the product of a lack of love or the result of a wrong system : family, society, education". (IF YOU WANT TO READ THE REST CLICK HERE)
A fortunate coincidence brought evidence to my very simple theory. In MOVING ON episodes I've recently seen there are two examples of people made bad by their social background, their education or their family environment. I'm not a fatalist, I do believe in human beings' free will but I'm also sure we hypocritically and too easily judge other individuals without ever asking for the reasons of their actions. Extenuating circumstances is the legal term for that, isn't it?
Let's start from the first touching story I want to tell you about: Episode 2 , "BULLY"


Being a teacher I know much about this terrible phenomenon which can turn fragile kids' lives into hell. Have you heard about "bullycide" ? Sometimes to put an end to the tortures and vexations they must bear the poor victims of bullying kill themselves. Where do, instead, those aggressive young creatures, the bullies, come from?

Marc Pye, who wrote the script for this TV drama, tries to tell us that can happen next door and to very ordinary families ...

Ken is a husband and father who wants the best for his family. He works hard at the local factory and does well at his job. Ken is disappointed that his son Andrew, a sweet naive boy, isn't more like him and encourages him to be tougher, but he doesn't realise that his actions may very well destroy his family.

Les is Ken's work colleague. Ken and Les are good friends but their relationship becomes strained after they take a family holiday together. Les sees Andrew (the sweet naive boy) badly hurt his son, Ryan, so he becomes angry and threatens him... A series of fast dramatic turns takes place till Andrew disappears and Les is suspected of being involved in that.

Andrew was not a bully at first, he loved birdwatching and playing games with his mates but his father's education in order to toughen him up and his silly mates calling him "gordo chico" = fat boy turned him into a bully.

Just have a look at this clip ... It is not fiction ... Bullying is part of our kids' life ... We must watch on them, be very careful and do not leave them alone.

The second story I'm going to write about tonight is "DROWNING NOT WAVING" , episode 3 in the series, starring Christine Tremarco and Richard Armitage.

Ellie is indebted, she's forced to sell her house at a reduced price to face her debts.(Rather contemporary drama, again, isn't it?)

John Mulligan is an enigma, not particularly bright at school and from a fairly deprived background. A childhood lived with holes in his kecks and on an estate where the kids rubbed shoulders with the druggies.

But when he comes back into Ellie’s life, he’s a successful property developer, with designer clothes and a flash car. When he arrives on Ellie's door-step, disarmingly charming, suited and booted, and armed with a swift, irresistible solution to Ellie's financial troubles, he is almost too good to be true. John and Ellie had a childhood love affair, of which he has a vivid, accurate memory. He woos Ellie once more, that school fling rekindled into a potentially rosy future.
But there is something too perfect about this new John. He is apparently flawless and his social elevation appears to have cost him little effort, but John has perfected his skills and leaves nothing to chance. He is brilliant, effortless and confident.
Ellie is completely charmed by this knight in his shining armour just arrived to rescue her but... Has "Mulli the bully" - good kisser, though - really changed?

If Ellie had seen BBC Robin Hood she wouldn't have trusted him! Jokes apart, John Mulligan tries to advocate his cause to a very disappointed Ellie come to visit him to understand why he did what he did... IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A LOOK AT THIS CLIP, MIND, THERE ARE SPOILERS, OF COURSE! But I wouldn't miss Richard's brilliant performance.


The book blog Vulpes Libris have announced that they'll be publishing an interview with Richard Armitage on Wednesday 9th July. It's part of their occasional series "In Conversation with...", in which interviewees are asked about their reading habits. Richard talks not only about what he reads but also about how he reads, as well as how he prepares a character. There's much else besides, including his thoughts on the fate of Guy of Gisborne, and some hints about his future work. THANKS TO ANNETTE AT http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/ for these good news!


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All rather too close to real life. I need a bit of escapism

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Well, it's up to you. Not that I don't try to escape into my shelters, I've got many
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