News, news, news! It's so exciting to have a hero to cherish and admire, especially when he is out on big risky quests or adventures and makes our lives less grey with his bravery, strength and initiative. For good and for bad.

Our hero is ...

First photo of Richard Armitage as Thorin in The Hobbit

1. the  leader of a company of dwarves in  Middle Earth. He's going to leave for a long difficult journey to get his treasure back. He will have to challenge a dangerous dragon. Thorin Oakenshield is his name. (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, December 2012 ) READ NEW ARTICLE HERE AND HERE.

One of the latest stills from Captain America - Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger

2. a super wicked, not very cunning,  Nazi agent:  Heinz Kruger. He will spy on the American military scientists to spoil their plans. Not actually heroic? But, why? He will assure us few minutes of great excitement on huge screen all over the world. Not the first time for me! ( Captain America - The First Avenger, July 2011)

Richard Armitage is back as John Porter in Strike Back - Project Dawn
3. a SAS super agent in trouble. He's under cover in Pakistan but has been taken and kept as a hostage. He must be rescued. Be sure he will be active part in his own rescue though two new tough guys have been enrolled for the task. John Porter is back. Never mind for how long. It'll be worth watching! (Strike Back 2 - Project Dawn, 12 August 2011, Cinemax) Have you read what a gentleman our hero is? (HERE)

4 .  a bearded gorgeous model (picture above) who  protects helpless editor and photographer  from the attack of a horrible mouse (Recognise magazine, August issue, interview + photos - READ HERE)

5. a hero-to-be, I mean, a possible hero in our dreams, Richard III (portrait above) . READ HERE and help to make it come true.

One man = many heroes. We are lucky, aren't we? I must confess, though,  I miss one hero from the past immensely: Lucas North, (picture above) the brave MI5 agent we met in Spooks 7. Re Lucas North and Spooks, I've just added a new video to my Utube channel: THE COST OF BEING A SPY. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll find the protagonists of the last series reflecting on how much being a spook costs. Richard Armitage says, among other considerations, that Lucas is probably a better actor than he himself is since Lucas must be convincing under cover ... without a script, as Sophia Myles adds. The fates of other spies from the previous series are also analysed (i.e Tom Quinn and Adam Carter).

Enjoy the video

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Jonia's cut said...

Can't wait for day - Richard on the cover!

Anonymous said...

I must confess I'm not that excited about the roles he'll have in CA, TH and the cameo in SB2. So half of me is hoping he's taking a well earned break right now, the other half is confiding in his workaholic nature, and hoping he's doing something else, to cheer up his (im)patient admirers :)
xx K/V

Julienne said...

wow so that makes CA a must watch. I've never seen him on the big screen.

Giada M. said...

I've never seen him on the big screen, either. We are sooo lucky! *_* And he will be in The Hobbit! (I'm in love with the whole Lord of the Rings saga.)

Phylly3 said...

Thanks for the video upload MG! Don't you just love how the actors playing Ruth and Harry are kidding around? They really do make a sweet couple. I'll be watching next season for their sake at least. But I am still mourning Lucas...

Maria Grazia said...

Just like you, Phylly, I'll be watching Spooks even without Lucas because I've seen all the series and Richard Armitage only came after. But, of course, I'll miss Lucas terribly.

Suwaida said...

Thanks for the video and the Recognize heads-up! Here's hoping he gets the cover!