I've posted about day 2 of our exams on
If you want to know about my students' and mine


Mo said...

I hope they all do well

Maria Grazia said...

Let's see. We started correcting this morning and we haven't finished yet. Then on Monday they have thir third even more difficult test. Fingers crossed. Thanks, Mo!

lunarossa said...

As I said in my comment on your previous entry, I hate maths. And I attended the Liceo Scientifico! Actually I don't like Latin either, although it helped me a lot while I was learning German. Hope your pupils will get the grades they derserve as unfortuntately during the maturita' exams it does not always happen like that. To change the subject, I watch the final episode of Robin Hood tonight with my daughter. What a slaughter!!! We were both in tears at the end of the programme. Thanks for warning me! At least she wasn't alone crying! Have a nice Sunday if you can. Ciao. A.

Maria Grazia said...

Well...I know what you mean ... I KNOW I shouldn't have done it... I know ... but I was too curious... and a Utube mate of mine suggested me where to find the last episode in advance (shhhh! it's a secret!) So I saw it last night and ... bang ...first, Allan already dead at the beginning of the episode, then ... extra bang ...my poor unlucky gorgeous Guy (they never mentioned that in the interviews!) and finally him , the legend himself. It was too much for my old sensitive heart and ... my husband found me in tears in bed alone with my laptop and really couldn't understand. What a silly middle-aged girl I am!
I great Sunday to you and your nice little girl!