I have been tagged … again … and just when I was complaining about “numbers” I got a meme with lots of 8s! Not a bad number, though. Thank you KATHRYN at LIFE IN ITALY! I’m ready to go.
This is an '8 Tag' meme - the rules being you have to mention who tagged you, you have to complete your lists of 8's and have to tag 8 other bloggers.

8 things I am looking forward to
- having more spare time
- having a new dream
- travelling to England again
-reading more
-watching new good films
-going for long walks
-going to the seaside
-having my flat restored

8 things I did yesterday
- stayed at school from 8.30 a.m. till 7.30 p.m.
- had a good quick lunch in a beautiful place in the countryside with some colleagues
- wrote a lot of papers
-yawned a lot (well, I tried not to)
-gave lots of good final marks to my best students
-gave lots of bad final marks to my worst students
- listened to my headmistress speaking for hours (that’s the reason of my yawning)
- felt guilty ‘cause I was completely neglecting my family

8 things I wish I could do
- improve my Spanish and English
- teach to people who really want to learn
- live in a different age for some time
- live and work abroad for some time
- learn new things each day
- become a superwoman, that is a perfect mum, wife, housewife, teacher
- take life with more …”leggerezza calviniana” (I’ll explain when I improve my English or when I have more time)

8 favourite fruits
- cherries

8 cities I've visited
-New York
-New Orleans

8 places I'd like to travel to
- Australia
-New York again
- Ireland
- Scotland
-Spain again
-Lots of places in Italy I’ve never been to!

Now ... this tagging question can be really hard sometimes! May I just say to anybody dropping by "If you feel like, do the same on your blog. And, well, let me know so that I can have a look!"
Is this cheating? Just for once ... let me do it.


Kathryn said...

Although I know that you are really busy at the moment with end of term/maturità stuff I hoped you wouldn't mind being tagged but with a blog as fascinating as yours I had to tag you - I knew you would have such cool answers!! - and you know my home city in the UK!!(Not many people do) - buona domenica!

Maria Grazia said...

Norwich? YES! I was there ages ago, it was the first place I went to in England as a university student to improve my English. I stayed there 3 weeks at an East Anglia College (?) and had a great time!
Don't worry, K. I didn't mind being tagged at all. And now...I've been up since 7 to write down some final reports for tomorrow, I've just finished, and I'm going to do SOME ironing for next week. I wish you the best. Take care.

London Belle said...


I'm dying to do this! it would cut a couple of things off your list! What d'ya say 2010?

Maria Grazia said...

@London Belle
Not a bad idea at all! I might change my plans. Will I meet you there? Thanks for the link, Belle. A good Sunday to you.

Lotta Dahl said...

Love your blog!

Maria Grazia said...

@Jenny Kerr
Thank you, Jenny! And I yours, of course...
Thanks for passing by. I'm going to add those pictures then!

Sabrinta said...

very nice meme,I'm doing it just now! ;)

Maria Grazia said...

OK, Sabri. I'll come and have a look later. Was your trip to Rome ok?

Sabrinta said...

oh yes thanks!it was very funny :)