Two giveaway contests are over today and I'm here to quickly announce the names of the three lucky winners. 

Two copies of the first book to give away, a paperback for US readers and an e-book for international readers (or US who prefers the e-version) of  Sally Smith O'Rourke,   Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage: 

- Susan Heim wins the paperback copy  

- Stephanie will get the e-book version of the book

The winner of the second giveway contest could choose between two different e-books by Marilyn Brant. 

Erika Messer wins and has chosen  Marilyn Brant ' s Double Dipping   

Many grateful thanks to Sally Smith O'Rourke and Marilyn Brant for being my kind guests and granting free copies of their works for the giveaway contests.

Thanks to all the readers who commented and took part in them!


Erika Messer said...

Thank you both for the contest! I am so thrilled to have won :) I can't wait to read Double Dipping! Have a wonderful New Year :)

Stephanie L said...

Thanks soooo much! This book has been on my list and now I'll have it to read right away! Woo hoo!! Appreciate the giveaway very much ladies! Happy New Year!!