Here we go again! The BBC Press has started hammering.  A new SPOOKS campaign has   started and , lucky us, lots of new pics & articles & interviews are going to come out! " And we are glad of it, honest!" I do not mean to be ironic like  John Mulligan in the prison scene of MOVING ON! I'm just blissfully happy! Lots of news RA ladies and girls!

1. SPOOKS 9 is going to start! In the 38th week of the year. It means in a couple of weeks! 
2. If you don't mind spoilers too much, here's the plot of episode 1!!!
3. A new interview with Richard talking about  Lucas North in this new series is on line (again beware of spoilers)
4. Richard provided a new voiceover for a new series on ITV1 called Surgery School

5. Another radio work! Richard  will be a reader for the BBC Radio 3 programme Symphony of a City, part of the Words and Music series, airing on Sunday September 12 at 10:45 pm. This a programme of "poetry, prose and music recording and evoking the movement of a city day." The Words and Music link has a link to listen to... BBC Radio 3 live (internationally) and it will be available on iPlayer after the broadcast.

Now, first thing, Lucas's look. Cold, icey, menacing, disquieting ... more wicked than the wickest look of Guy's! OMG , what expects us in this new series?
We  already know we'll see  Richard / Lucas chasing and being chased...

On a ship with cuffs...

Dirty and ruffled after an explosion ...

I am definitely ready ( though a bit nervous -anxious - with a pessimistic disposition) to start with a new exciting season of Spooks. It's always been one of my favourite series and I really hope I won't be disappointed  . Oh Nooooooooooooo!!!
  OK! OK!!!! 
I 'm so sorry  but,  in order to keep peace in my house, I must leave you with that little dev..., ehm,  with little Reddie, my Red-Self!  Again, enjoy all the  recent news and all the ones I'm sure will come out soon! 
Have a nice week.... (To Reddie: Wait  a moment! Stop it , please! You never behave. Can I say good-bye, at least?) end  all of you! Till next Friday, then!  

I don't know why I must always come second! She  has already told you everything and  that's not fair!!! What can I write about now? Calm down, Reddie! You'll give her her comeuppance sooner or later! Yeah!
I  was just wondering: have you seen the list 1/5 above?  Does he ever have any holidays? Any day off? Did he relax a bit this summer? Gosh, Richard! You are even worse than that crazy, boring Mrs Prof., that is Black- self! You work too much! Not that I complain, not .at. all! Workholic?  Yes, please and ...Thanks a lot!!!!

 I read the interview linked above from BBC Press Office. Richard says:" The tattoos also help me avoid the "gratuitous torso shot" as they take about two hours to put on, so "getting my kit off" has to be carefully planned!!!" This said,  I can avoid watching this upcoming new series of Spooks. Joking! But we deserve at least a few but very, very hot shirtless scenes! Maybe without tattoos. Since Lucas met Maya before his Russian period  .... Awwww! Let's go on hoping. Fingers crossed.

This fact makes me nervous, hysterical. Yes! I have itchy feet: Lucas running, Lucas  in cuffs, Lucas after an explosion , Lucas being chased (shot?) in the street and,  moreover , only few TORSO SHOTS?! Gratuitous?! What do you mean, Richard? We are all there exclusively to admire Lucas's shirtless hotness! I'll be edgy and anxious  and nail-biting all the time but I'll watch it, be sure! The more I read this interview, the more  I  feel something really, really bad is going to happen. I smell disappointment. Just look at Lucas's look in that promo pic: petrifying, icey stare. My darling Gizzie was a lamb if compared! I want MY Lucas back! Who's this man investigating about his own past? What is he searching for? He's the new section-D boss but ... will we have enough time and occasions to  enjoy the fact and celebrate? That's what I fear and foresee! I'd better shut-up! I'm talking too much and I feel I'm on the brink of ... bad language and ... giving out too many spoilers! Yeppeeeee!!!! Two weeks more or less and it'll be SPOOKS TIME, well, LUCAS TIME again!!!


Your Reddie.


Unknown said...

LOL! Once more, I'm with Reddie!
It's Lucas Time, one month beforehand, and despite all the bad omens and the menacing looks, I'm really, REALLY happy to see him again, even if this is meant to be his last season at Spooks.
At least, it looks like this series will be focused on his character :)
Enjoy your time off at the seaside, MG!
xx KB

Phylly3 said...

Ooooo! I am so torn! I want to look at the plot for episode 1, but I don't know when I'll ever get to see series 9! Soooo...I'm going to hold off for a bit, but once it has aired and the new fanvids start rolling out, I won't be able to resist anymore!
It is so unfair to be on the wrong side of the Atlantic when Britain isn't sharing their RA treasure with us sadly deprived North Americans! :(
I will have to find a pirated online version of the show again. Yeah! Make me a law-breaker. Talk about a red-self! We all have one now. I need my RA fix!!!
Okay...***deep breath*** calm down. OOhhhmmmm.... Serenity NOW!

Anonymous said...

I have my share of spoilers with RA interviews so I've restrained myself from reading ep 1 plot.

That promo pic scares me because of the feelings his stare transmits...I'm so anxious about his fate too.

Can't wait for it to air and that I'll be able to find a way to watch it ;)

OML :)

MaryKwizMiz said...

shallow me is totally with Red again, off with his hea.. erm, kit!!! More gratuitous sans-shirt-shots.
Still, the mystery that is Lucas' past is just as appealing.. I've always wondered what he was like before MI5, and why he became a spy. And I have a feeling that S9 will take him to the brink.. AND BACK!!! he might get forced to work against Harry & Co to get his gf back and tie up other loose ends from his past but in the end he'll fool the forces of evil and prevail. Our hero. Trust me, there is no other way this can end (besides, if he turns out bad apple, Harry will have to appoint yet another section chief... 3 in 3 years? That's just not on. :)

bccmee said...

Considering he has publicly spoken out against spoilers, RA sure provides plenty! LOL! I'm excited about the new season of Spooks. Hope it's a lot better than last year. John Porter remains my favorite character but I'm looking forward to seeing more of Lucas, kit on or off.

Anonymous said...

Not reading the plot of episode 1. Not reading. Not reading.

I agree he needs some time off, poor fellow.