It has been quite hard to re-start working : with  my lesson preparation  and entry tests  life has become frantic again. But if you add catching up on all that new stuff coming out day by day about Spooks 9 , plus  several interesting interviews with our lovely man… can you imagine? I hardly managed to have some rest! Not joking … hardly indeed! Interviews, photos, radio and TV interviews are great distraction and my job require great devotion. The same devotion RA pays to his own profession. He might become a fan of some TV actress so he too may slow down a bit and become more  … human. Joking! He IS human! Have you read this? This is the most  astonishing article about Richard I’ve read  so far. It sounded like the  journal of a weekday  written in the 1st person, an assignment I usually give  to my younger students, though they are not as good at English but … what a queer piece of work. Does Mr A. have a fervid imagination or is that mess actually  his life? I was speechless , so worried, and had to re-read some passages to be sure I had got it right. Poor me! Poor him! I read the whole thing gasping and shaking my head all the time. Reddie was laughing at me, whispering and giggling: ”Well, done Rich, you’ve struck her! More than the first time she saw the kissing scene at the station  in North and South or   Paul and Alona  “becoming close”   in their friend’s bedroom  on their first meeting (Between the Sheets) “!
If looks could kill ...
Yes,  I was struck, you should have seen me! I can’t deny that. I find it difficult to tell lies. What am I talking about? Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to bear that mess, those eating habits, that life style. That’s one of my … defects(?) , I can’t stand untidiness. You can call it organized mess, but it is just mess to me. I know I may sound a maniac but I’m not. Working ,  having so many interests and hobbies,  having two lazy and untidy teenage sons and very little time, my house can’t be perfect but … I couldn’t stand living in a  mess. More than everything else,  I felt sorry for him… everything sounded so hard and sad and lonely. Did he want to stir our motherly sympathy? He succeeded. I can’t think of anything else in these days. Can a TV star’s life be less glamorous ,  harder and  more undesirable?  Exaggerating? I don’t think so. I hope he got some rest and social life after finishing Spooks, because he deserved and needed both.  Am I disappointed? Not at all. Only really worried, as if he were my son living alone.  He can’t be my son, only my younger brother,  but … it’s just the same. I go on thinking about …his phone ringing at 5 a.m.,  his driver banging on the door, his picking clothes from the floor and his empty drawers, his piles of books everywhere (those I like!), his forest of ivy on the roof, his porridge +fruit+scrambled eggs for breakfast (OMG!!!), his forgetting to do the washing, his refusing to have a cleaner, his furious- Guy- style temper (that I cannot believe!), his maniac worry for his scripts, his happily making the same dish over and over again till becoming sick of it, his iPhone & iPod , running and exercising … 
...running and running ...
I’m still shaking my head now that I’m writing about it. I am convinced he desperately needs a woman, he wouldn’t have any difficulty at finding one but … will the poor very lucky lady resist that life-style, will she succeed in changing him a bit at least, will she be satisfied with his being totally devoted to his wonderful job?  I bet you are all eagerly  nodding and thinking : “Yes, I will. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."
"And what about me? Would  I ... marry ... him? " (quoting GoG)
*Gasps* "I'm sorry Sir, I can't answer that question!" (quoting JP)
Please, Richard, let someone help you. You can put your precious scripts in a safe and let a very old , fat, motherly cleaning lady take care of you and your house, can't you? Why old, fat and motherly? Because that’s the best  type of cleaning lady you can have , don’t you think so? What are you saying, Reddie? Me? Jealous? Never been!


Yes, incredible is nothing. I like this woman though I haven’t seen her acting so far. Ready to enjoy her acrobatic scenes with Lucas. I know, I know, she’s not a spy but a doctor in the series but it seems she’ll have to be a little acrobatic on a certain kitchen table. “Steamy scene”, Richard promised, and he renounced pizza and beer to be half-naked and super fit . Though she didn’t mention that scene,  I liked this interview of hers. She talks very kindly about RA. It seems that in the  first scene together in Spooks 9, Laila  had to smack Richard hard across his face.”It was so difficult –she says- because Richard’s the loveliest man you’d ever want to meet”! Here we go , she’s  got a crush on the man too! Who could blame her?
Lucas North has deserted Maya 15 years before without any explanation so he deserved it. Despite this rocky start, their reunion is announced as hot and gripping and I can’t wait. What? Me? Jealous? I’ve already told you: never been! Laila’s girlfriends, instead,  were green with envy when they heard she was going to snog Richard and even get saucy with him. Poor Laila, she had such tough job!
I intercepted some chemistry between those two: they had already met in the US while casting for a pilot series there and were both rejected. So they went to have lunch and dinner, and maybe a drink and a chat while they were there … Now, they were so happy when they discovered they were going to work together on Spooks…  Ehm…*Coughs*… This is why I’m expecting very steamy postman-style scenes. What about you?  

There are a lot of interesting articles about upcoming new series 9 of Spooks. There are plenty of spoilers and I’m glad of it. Honest. I don’t mind them at all. The more I know, the more - I’m sure-  I’ll enjoy it. Yeah, I know , I’m weird. Did I say I wasn’t? But I’m not going to discuss them all here, of course.
What I’ve been eagerly waiting for, apart from Spooks new episodes of course, is Richard on the sofa! Not with Lorraine Kelly this time, but in her TV space! I loved, simply loved,  to watch and listen to his interview! A new one on ITV1 , this morning  at 8.30 .   I saw it at 10.30  (9.30 in the UK) during a break at school .  It wasn't easy to go back teaching Shakespeare soon after. I was there alone in the lab and couldn't understand a word! I just stared and smiled at the beautiful apparition. But I had to do it... what's wrong with it? I teach English, I have to keep up with my listening skills! Only,  I was a bit distracted during the next lesson.
Did he get up at five this morning too to be there in his wonderful smile and black shirt + pullover? How can he be so dangerously  fit, charming and attractive if he gets up so early in the morning? I can’t bear the sight of me in the mirror when I sleep so little and … I always do!

He's a natural charmer and he did it again ... he was very kind, humorous, interactive. A bit nervous though. Have you noticed his right leg  moving rythmically , almost franticly? Maybe those long , sexy, naked legs in front of him...?  Jealous? Not a bit!!! Told youuuu!!! But , please, darling gorgeous interviewer,  can you prepare little more interesting questions next time! Poor man! He has a hard task each time he goes  on TV. Always, always the same questions!!! Stop with that damn Budapest circus!!! Sorry, but it was needed.

Enjoy the many other joys to come,  you that have the chance  to.
 Have a wonderful Spooks waiting weekend!
P.S. Thanks to Alicat and Annette for keeping us so splendidly updated about everything happening and coming out in RA 's life and career!  Thanks to HeathRa/Heathdances for upolading the interview on Utube!


lunarossa said...

Wonderful! Cannot wait for Spooks 9 on Monday. I think Myleene was pretty restrained compared to the usual Lorraine's beahaviour with "hunks"! Anyway, I'd put myself on the cleaning ladies' list too. And I'd be quite happy to do it for free or even pay for cleaning "him". Ciao. A. (PS I think I've been affected by your Red Self!)

Traxy said...

OH. MY. GODS. Thank you so much for this, MG! I can't believe it's already on the internet if it was broadcast only a few HOURS ago! (Literally, 4!) Totally made my day. Sitting in the office with a backache so that really cheered me up. And wow, see, that HAIR as well! Oh I love it! *swoon* He's not wearing a necklace... and learning how to make a Thai green curry as well, yum, shoulda watched that programme when it was on.

The leg thing - I do that too, got it from my dad. Maybe just from sitting down for that amount of time and being interviewed (by the beeeeautiful Myleene Klass, nonetheless) which makes him uncomfortable anyway and just from sitting in general you know, maybe he fancied moving about a bit. Restless legs. I feel like moving about as well!

"Come and find out" - ahhhh! Well, that chat-up line would definitely work on me. Then again, he could talk about cold porridge and it would still work like catnip. It would definitely be a "you had me at 'hello'!" moment! ;)

Hope you have a fab weekend!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was going to be on Lorraine (incredible, I know) and this morning around 11am (10am UK) I logged in on twitter and saw HeathDances had uploaded the vid, I went 'OMG!OMG!'. Liked the longer hair, although longer in the back too would have been better :P.

My thoughts exactly on the 'circus comment', I thought we were over that one and IMO he had an '...again'look when she mentioned the bad guys.

I'm so not jealous either! Nop no one bit, not even when he told her 'Come and find out' about his tatoos.

Have a nice day!


Unknown said...

WOW! Thank you MG (and the lovely ladies at RAOnline and RANet) for all these treats! <3

The interviews are great, the girl at ITV wasn't that bad, yes, at least until she asked about the circus *rolls eyes *. And why did she think she needed a 10 inch heel while she had to stay seated on that sofa? Maybe she heard Richard is TD&H? :-P
I loved the kitchen scene too: he's good at chopping coriander (I had to gasp at him licking his finger afterwards, OMG! HEY, Reddie, did you like it too? ;-)
As for GMTV, I know from personal experience that people supposed to be interviewed at 9AM are picked up at 4.30 in the morning (!!!): at the studios there is plenty of time for having breakfast, get directions from the show host, get some makeup, get a proper outfit, do some rehearsals and so on, before you actually are on tv live.
x K

MaryKwizMiz said...

I guess we'll never get 'decent' questions at these kind of interviews and I can live with it.. long as I can just look.. only gripe I have - THAT HAIR?!?! please tell me it's for a new role ;)
can't wait for Monday, have read/seen enough spoilers now to have a few ideas what to await and still they're going to surprise us. ShallowMe is most anxiously awaiting the "Porter" scenes :D

Jen Marie said...

i totally understand the making one meal over and over again until you cant eat it anymore. i did that in Rome because every time i made something its all i craved for about a week.

Richard, if you're reading this call me ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog from another link! Anyway I laughed some when I read this entry. I had to laugh because I did not think that at all from the interview and isn't it funny how different people can have radically different reactions to the same exact thing? To me it seems Richard Armitage has a fantastic job, creative and stimulating, and he lives in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. He probably enjoys his alone time at home in his "castle" and then goes and hangs out with his friends on the weekends. He likes to read and he likes keeping in shape, two great hobbies, and it was obvious from the cooking segment that he likes to cook (after he chopped the herb he also milled it with the knife). He eats really healthy, wish I could have his discipline.

I hope I don't sound like I am criticizing your post! I guess I was just so surprised because I never would have thought of it the way you do. It's a good reminder to me that I can't assume everyone sees the world the way I do.

Besides you know he probably spends all his free time on Facebook playing Farmville and he just didn't want anyone finding out....


Avalon said...

I just ordered Spooks 8 as we Americans have to wait for the DVD to come out in the UK. You are so lucky that you get Spooks 9 on TV as we have to wait another year!