It was my birthday few days ago. It was doomed to be lonely and sad. I had to work in the morning (teachers' meeting at school) and spend completely alone the rest of the day. Mind you, I hate to celebrate my birthday, especially now that I have to cope with the fact that I'm not ...let's say... 20 anymore! However, the idea of my husband and sons at the seaside and me here at home alone didn't help my already difficult coping with the hard truth!
Mothers are always very attentive, aren't they? Mine insisted for lunch together whatever the time I finished at school was. I said "OK, Mum!" and wasn't alone for lunch. Mum, Dad, Granny (yes! 98 and she was there too), Aunt, Sister, Nieces and Nephew were all there for me! Lovely lunch and after-lunch chat around the table. No blowing on the candles... for practical reasons but the cakes were delicious!
Once I got home in the middle of the afternoon, ready to spend the rest of the day reading, answering the phone and blogging,  a phone call changed everything ... My friend Karen's. "I'm coming and fetch you... click!" What does that mean? Very briefly,  she was going to face a one-hour's drive after work to fetch me!
Her present ? A lovely dinner with her and another friend of hers, Rome by night, friendship and sympathy, talking and laughing.  It was really special. How did I find such a special, generous friend?


See Richard Armitage, actor.

Well... he was only the sparkle... we did the rest.
I didn't feel alone on my birthday also  thanks to  my many online friends/mates/acquaintances. Wishes, e-cards, nice words, pictures. What do I share with most of them?
See Richard Armitage, actor

Well, also Jane Austen,  period drama, love for books and reading.....
Now, I wanted to show you some very special prezzies I got from a talented blogfriend. Do you like them? She said they are only mine! She didn't post them but give me the freedom to share. Aren't they awesome?

We are eagerly waiting for this new film ... The Three Musketeers. Matthew Macfadyen will be Athos with Orlando Bloom (Duke of Buckingham), Logan Lerman (D'Artagnan) , Christopher Waltz (Cardinal Richelieu) and many other popular names in the cast. The film is due for release April 2011.
Have a very good Sunday! Hugs. MG.


Unknown said...

AWWWW! What can I say, MG?
I, too, have to thank RA - and his mum, God bless her! ;) - for such a valuable friendship!
* Hugs back *
xx K

Meredith said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am so glad you had a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! How lucky you are to have a family and friends who made your day a special one!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day in spite of not having hunsband&kids with you. What nice gifts, MM looks good as a mosketeer.

OML :)

Jen Marie said...

Ok so, im new here to your post but can i say im so happy if found you? Here is my lists why

#1 - everyone here, you and your readers all <3 Richard A.

#2 - your in ROME!?!?! I just got back from there in May ( i lived and went to school there for a year) i miss it oh so much.

#3 - I discovered RA in Rome. you have just combined my two favorite things. thank you.

Now Tanti Auguri to you and i cant wait to read more!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

MG, happy belated b-day! I'm a bit of a birthday scrooge, even though I'm still in my twenties. (Not because of the age, but because I don't like to be the center of attention... especially when people sing to me!)
Isn't it great when friends know just what to do to make our day better? It seems like good friends can sense when they're needed. :)

LĂșthien84 said...

Happy belated birthday MG! It's good to have someone to celebrate your b'day with esp close friends and relatives. fyi, i'm also a sept baby so no worries cos mine is near the end of the month. It seems that I do share a lot of common interest with you as mentioned in your post.

Elvira said...

I am glad you had a wonderful birthday after all. And you deserve such a good friend, of course.

¡Muchas felicidades y besos!

Maria Grazia said...

@Karen, Meredith, Deleilan, onemorelurker, Jean Marie, Nat, Luthien, Elvira
So, you see? I was right. I've found such a wonderful suporting community on line, I can't do without any longer! Thank you so much to you all!
And , welcome on board, Jean Marie! Strange enough I don't know many Italian people knowing or appreciating Richard Armitage (because nothing with apart from Robin Hood was on Italian TV), how could youget to know about him in Rome? Now I'm very curious. Let us know, please!

Phylly3 said...

Lovely to hear about how your birthday turned out better than expected. How nice that your family is so close to you (with a 98 year old grandmother too! She must be in good health to go out to a birthday celebration!)
When your friend called mysteriously, I couldn't help wonder if she was taking you somewhere with something to do with RA. Oh well, nevermind, what she did was certainly wonderful enough! But didn't I hear he was in Rome awhile ago? I can't remember what he was doing there. Or am I mistaken? Do you write any fanfic, MG? Because if so, this sounded like the beginning of a good one! LOL!

Jen Marie said...

@MARIA GRAZIA i stumbled upon him through a Youtube clip from North and South. I was hooked.

Maria Grazia said...

My 98 grandmother lives with my mother that's why she was there. But that means much to me. It was she who brought me up, my parents worked all day long!
No, Phylly. I didn't meet Richard , that would be...asking too much from a friend. Then, knowing Karen quite well, she'd say" ...And do you think that if Richard were in Rome and I knew ...I would share? "
Anyhow, she did so much for me that I'll remember forever.
A fanfic? Me? I've tried just once. do you remember? Prue's masked ball! I went wih Lord Armitage. What a night! but...Too complicated. I'm not that good at English. I need to improve. Do you want to go on yourself? I'll read it with pleasure!
Hugs, P!
@Jean Marie
Just a clip? I needed more ... I saw the whole thing and ended mildly appreciating the man and highly appreciating the actor. Then I started searching the Net and ...here I am! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. See you!

lunarossa said...

Dear MG, Buon compleanno in ritardo! Sorry about missing your birthday. Glad you had such a great time with your friends and family. Hugs. A.

Jen Marie said...

@ MG

well it started with a clip, and then after having to find where said clip came from i ended up watching all 4 hours during exam week instead of studying. And of course i had to find more from the man himself. We will say that im not too upset my exam grades werent the best that semester :D

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks a lot, A. You are always very kind to me. Hugs.MG
@Jean Marie
Being a teacher, I'm supposed to scold you: "OMG! To neglect your exams to watch a TV series". Being a woman and a RA fan myself I can only say:"I understand you completely!" :D

Unknown said...

Umpf! And how did you come to know me THAT well, Sis? :-P
But you're perfectly right, nonetheless! ;)
xx K

Maria Grazia said...

How did I? How! Let's see... because you've told me similar stuff o many times ?
Queue up and respect the line and so on? :P
But you know that I'm not jelous and I wouldn't bother the man in person for any reason so ... you'd win, anyway. I don't know if Reddie would agree with me, though!