The first episode of the new series had an audience of 6.01 million (a 24.8% share), according to Digital Spy. That's higher than the audience for last year's opening episode, which was 5.5 million. So...Good news! Maybe we'll have Spooks 9.
To take part in RA Photo Friday , which has been on for several weeks now on RA's dedicated blogs (though mine  is not one of them or , at least, it is but only from time to time and  among many other things) I've taken some caps from the titles (and not only) of the new series. It started being aired last Wedenesday night. I like the new titles, they really convey the frantic atmosphere you live watching MI5 section D's adventures. As I've read somewhere, " a rollercoaster of emotions"!

I know the quality is not very good. But the rythm of the images is so fast...frantic, indeed. What excitement! Do you want to have a look at them?


Now, to close this brief post, what would you do if someone as handsome as Richard/Lucas looked at you like this?


Or this?


I left some of Sarah Caufield's blond hair in the picture, dreaming it was me...but it is NOT! : -(

You can find RA Photo Friday also at




You can see three clips from the first episode at Annette's site

Tonight episode 2 is on BBC3 at 9.p.m.


Mulubinba said...

Maria - lovely screencaps for photo Friday [ thank you!! I've just managed to find episode 2 and it is every bit as good as episode 1. Now if Lucas North looked at me like that I'd go weak at the knees to be honest ....and be hopelessly tongue tied, I'm afraid. (Too shy by far!)

Maria Grazia said...

Already got and seen episode 2?!? Good for you! I'm busy working at home , as always at the weekend. I'm just having a brief break checking my mail and blogs but the lunch must be got ready soon. Let's hope to have some time for Spooks tonight!
I can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend!

Avalon said...

I am not suppose to be looking at these, lol, I told myself I would totally ignore anything about season 8 until the UK DVD release. So I scrolled quickly over the photos and did not read the words incase there was spoilers.

Maria Grazia said...

I avoided spoilers as much as I could, in fact. The clip is the new titles for Spooks 8 and the rest of the text ... but ok! If you want to enjoy your DVD when it comes out, you are right, you must avoid spoilers! Thanks for dropping by, anyway. A very nice weekend to you!

Phylly3 said...

Lovely screen caps Maria, I have snagged 1 and 7, if you please! May also want 6 as well!
Right now I am watching episodes from series 7 on the computer. Saw the first one last night!! Yes, I know I am very behind, but I want to catch up before I see the new series. The website I'm watching from only lets me watch 1 hour at a time (without paying), so it will be a slow process!
Yes...that look! Definitely weak at the knees, and I know nothing remotely intelligent would come out of my mouth. (Like what happened to Hedgeypig at the BAFTAs LOL!)
Thanks for your posts!!

Maria Grazia said...

I'm glad you like the caps , Phylly, and don't mind your snagging at all! Enjoy series 7, then! It was great, indeed. Lucas North is more at easy in these new episodes...And he is even handsomer, if you can believe it! Well, Hedgeypig, she had a very close look at Richard, I can only just imagine her emotions and feelings. I'd be totally speechless. I'd forgiven even how to say "hello" in English in such a situation.
You're welcome any time you want! Have a wonderful weekend!