This is an unoriginal, but very ridiculous “adult” comedy in which you can see really charming actors and striptease performed by Jennifer Aniston.

We’re the Millers (2013)


Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, Nick Offerman.

David (J.Sudeikis) is a drug dealer “with the principles”. Of course he sells drugs but he does not sell it to children and in general he is a good guy.  One late evening he intercedes for a girl who is attacked by three street gangs. As a result he loses all his “goods” and personal savings. His source (E.Helms) is ready to forgive the David’s debt if he goes to Mexico and brings “a little” marijuana from there. But how is it possible not to raise suspicions of the custom officers? Very easy! You can “hire” your neighbors to pretend an average respectable American family.

The first news about the movie was heard in 2006, it was thought that the main role would get Steve Buscemi.
For the last several years one of the main Hollywood trends is “adult” comedies with a strict age rating R. Everyone wants to repeat the success of “The Hangover”. Nevertheless, not every person is able to dispose this freedom of expression. It is not enough just to invent a couple of dozen of vulgar gags and make Halle Berry to mix the salad with her bare breasts.
The scenario was written by four authors, two of them had made “Wedding Crashers” and the other two had made “Sex Drive”, “She’s Out of My League” and “Hot Tub Time Machine”.
“We’re the Millers” realize what they do. The authors of the comedy took a universal story about long and full-of-dangers journey turns some strangers into team and then even into the family. It turned really good. Here we will find something to be touched and to nicker.
Although “The Millers” make us to remember many different movies it doesn’t spoil them. Talented actors, charming characters and machine-gun speed with which we are thrown with jokes don’t let us admit that they go very much familiar route. And it is truly remarkable indeed, because it’s not an easy thing to make a completely original movie.

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