(by guest blogger Spencer Blohm) Despite having her 68th birthday and the premiere of her new film RED 2 both happening within the last few weeks, fantastic Dame Helen Mirren is showing no signs of slowing down. At the film’s Los Angeles premiere, Helen arrived in a stunning green Elie Saab gown paired with tasteful jewels and platform, lucite stripper heels she picked up for $40 on Hollywood Boulevard. Helen calls the heels her “secret weapon” on the red carpet -for the lift they give her backside and tautness created in her stomach. This isn’t the first time Helen has pushed standard conventions of what it means to be an “older woman” in show business.

While most actresses her age are gravitating towards more “mature” roles, Helen is choosing to do quite the opposite. After already spending the majority of her career paying her dues on the theater circuit, it seems like Helen is finally ready to have some fun! She has gracefully transitioned from playing the Queen of England, to the madam of a brothel, to the dean of a university for monster, all within the past few years.

The Academy Award, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning actress is further challenging stereotypes by appearing as an assassin in the action/comedy film Red 2. However, as Helen once said, “I’m too old to ask people permission to do things anymore,”-and she seems intent on proving that. The choice for this seasoned actress to take on the role of retired assassin Victoria Winters was an easy one. She told Collider, “The trick of my profession is to constantly shake it up, and never do the expected.”

Red 2 is out on 2nd August  in the UK
She did express concern that her fans would be less than eager to follow her into a new genre, but soon decided that the opportunity to play a character unlike any she had previously played and the possibility of working with a star-studded cast outweighed any negatives. Much to her surprise, and due to her phenomenal skill, RED brought her an entirely new fan base and introduced the seasoned actress to a millions of new movie goers.

About the Author:  Spencer Blohm is a freelance entertainment and film blogger for DirectTV. He strives every day to be like Dame Helen Mirren at any point in his life, let alone when he’s 68. He lives and works in Chicago with his cat, Rupert.

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