by guest blogger Sarah Stone
Books are the heart and soul of life. The written word, since time immemorial has been used to enrich the soul. The written word, remains an enigma even in the 21st century-which is an age largely dominated by computers and less hard copy text.  And if you are going to college, books can help you grow and develop more. Books can enrich your vocabulary, occupy you and sometimes, help you dream. Inspirational books can help you have the energy to wake up every day. This is magical. This article consists some of the 6 most inspirational books ever written by man.

Cheri by Colette
For someone who is going to college, you still treasure the life you have in your teen hood.  Those moments were great and magical. At least that’s what I assume. You need to move on from those moments. This book is triumphant, strong and emotional. It helps you remember the high school days, falling in love the first time and letting go-when it doesn’t work. Living with this reality as you go to college can help build a strong character in life as you mature.

The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud
Freud revolutionized how humans think. If you are packing your bags to college, wouldn’t it be interesting to understand what this psychology pioneer thinks about your dreams and how you can interpret them? This book tells you that and more. This book is written in an interesting, beautiful and surprisingly funny manner, it will amaze you. It’s a must have before you kill all your dreams in college. Dreams make the world go round, understand them with this piece.

Duino Elegies by RM Rilke
This is a great book that enables you to understand the meaning of fun while having your feet firmly on the ground. College comes with a lot of freedom. There is minimal guardian and parental control. Apparently, you can do whatever you want in college. This book helps you get the zeal that will push you to enjoy life to the fullest, without compromising the goals you have. It enriches the soul in a weirdly interesting manner.

The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris
College is a place where you meet different individuals and people. Some are good; others are not. This is a book that enables you understand this interesting fact. People will always be people-totally raw. It has all the primal instincts you have as a human and how they inspire you to do whatever it is you do. This book is inspirational in the sense that, whatever wrong is done to you, there are instincts everyone else has. It will teach you softly, why you need to understand other people, forgive and sometimes, it will give you a reason to laugh at them as the intellect in you grows.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
This is a great title about keeping your dreams alive. Different people have different dreams. There are those who live for them and there are others who are killed or ruined by them. Whatever your dreams are, this book tells you one thing. Those dreams are valid. It’s an inspirational masterpiece.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra teaches you a lot about spiritualism and happiness. All these culminate into the different spiritual laws of success. It’s philosophical, direct and true in a weird way-this is what you want right? However, at the end of the reading, your understanding of success will be different. That is what matters.
Whereas this list has largely run away from all the inspirational books that are ordinary, these books will leave a lasting impression on you as you tackle your college career. It’s because these are not the average, copied, empty and generic inspirational books today.

Guest blogger

Sarah Stone is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about education, career, motivation and resume writing. CV templates is where she collects best cv writing practices and templates.

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