When I first noticed her I thought she wa  a romantic, passionate Juliet. Her Romeo was Richard Armitage, it seemed. I found her JULIETD001 videos  dedicated to Richard’s characters (especially Lucas and Guy) on Utube and liked them. Then I met her by chance on Twitter .Well,  I met LADYMARIAND001 , and that Lady Marian was a bit naughty but very amusing. At first I didn’t understand they were the same person! But after a while… I GOT IT!!!
Today I’m happy she’s my guest on Fly High! and glad to have the chance to ask her some questions.

First of all, shall I call you Juliet, Marian or… the Nightwatchman?
Hi Mary, I seem to answer to most things these days… but Juliet is probably the one I’d rather be known as…she’s a lot less complicated than poor Marian. In fact I’m really not sure how I got into the Twitter lark in the first place, or why I had the notion to use Marian as a character. Problematic at best.

Would you please tell us something more about yourself?
Well I am Juliet…and I live in the lovely UK not far from the beautiful city of Bath in Avon. I live with my OH and I have 3 cats that seem to see me as their surrogate mother, Cats! such funny animals. One aptly called Gisborne! And he certainly is a handful..
I am a senior Manager by day and sometimes night.. And let’s just say it can at times be both challenging and full of stress! But I love it and would happily work 24 hours if I could. I have a passion for Aviation and I’m currently studying for my PPL private pilots license. I enjoy music…history and visiting places of interest. I also have a passion for Art and have been lucky enough to have sold a couple of pieces.

Gisborne (not Juliet's cat, of course)

Both Marian and Juliet are passionate, unconventional heroines if we compare them to women in their relative historical contexts. Do you feel you are more like Juliet or Marian?
OOoh tough one, I’m fairly cynical about love and romance! However in Marian’s defense, I am fiercely independent and a bit of a rebel. Tell me something can’t be done and I’ll show you why it can. I’m something of a tomboy and a rebel at heart. So I guess I do have some of her traits…fiery and stubborn! But fiercely loyal…to my friends. I don’t suffer fools gladly…

Proud  and stubborn, OK.  But how could you resist him?

Now, this question comes naturally to my mind. Is your ideal man more a Romeo (a dreamer, conventional but passionate lover, a bit naive) or more a Gisborne type?
OMG! That’s a tough one; I tend to go for the bad boys so I guess…it would have to be Gisborne type. I’d rather be challenged by a man…in terms of intellect and respect. Not sure Gisborne falls into those categories?*smiles* but he’s awfully nice to look at!

Do you really think he is not your guy?

I'm afraid,  you don't know him very well Marian!  I bet he hides many interesting thoughts behing his frowning look. But let's go on...Of course Richard Armitage and his work is one interest we share. What is among his roles and characters the one you’ve liked the most so far and which is instead your least favorite?
I think my favorite would have to be Lucas purely from a character depth POV. Lucas has a lot of history; I’ve studied him pretty closely in my videos. He’s misunderstood, full of pain and questions everything. My least favorite gosh…about to run for cover here, most likely anything he’s done where he’s not had a primary role.*safe answer* I confess if we are talking from a personal gratification view then once again then Lucas and Gisborne …it doesn’t get much better than those two.

 Let’s talk about your videos. I love your Lucas / Elizabeta video “Tell me you love me?” I’ve watched it so many times! First of all because Lucas North in series 7 is one of the things I re-watch most willingly among Richard’s roles, then because I love his interaction with his ex-wife in the first episodes, finally because I’m fond of the Coldplay and, especially, of this song. Have you got one of your videos, which is special to you for any reason?
Well I try not to watch them if I’m honest once they go up, but I’m always interested in what the viewer draws from them. I’d say at the moment, and it does change, but Eternal Sleep Song is a favorite purely because it just came so easy. I like it when you find the right song and the clips just flow. It surprised me at just how much people did actually like it. I think a lot of it is about getting the song just right. So I like to spend a lot of time searching. Music speaks volumes about what you want to say on an unconscious level.





Does a project of yours usually start from the song or from the images?
Oh it has to be a song that inspires me to get on the laptop and start gathering clips together. Lyrics are equally important so you can set the theme and mood…helps me to decide the direction I want to take. Also depends on what mood I’m in too! LOL
 How long does it usually take you to create a video?
It’s a good question but a tough one to answer, if it’s a fast one…then I could do it in a couple of days if it’s a romantic one it usually takes more time. Experimenting with effects and overlays etc. Sometimes you just have to walk away if it’s not flowing and come back to it another day. You have to be in the right frame of mind or inspired and I like to say.
 My blog is dedicated to my interests which, Richard Armitage included, are reading, period drama, movies, blogging, art, theatre and long walks. Do we share anything more ?
Well I have a few passions..aside from the lovely Mr A. One being I studied a lot about the Arthurian Legend and it’s something along with history that’s always interested me. I enjoy period drama, The Tudors being another favorite of mine. I’m more of a history girl in the sense that I like. Greek mythology. I love films especially horror. I’m not conventional in the sense that I like chick flicks. I’m more of an action movie, sci fi kind of girl. Aliens being amongst my favorites. Where the hero is a woman! I like anything to do with ghosts and the paranormal. Always fancied being a ghost buster! lol

What is you most recurrent dream? Your most recurrent nightmare?
OMG thinks…um where I’m being chased by a tornado? Make of that what you will? Laughs.  I have no idea what it means. I do know I dream a lot less than I used to. But I do dream in color and I do see myself, as in I actually see myself in my dreams. Nightmare…probably the most recent one was of my mum, who sadly passed away about 12 years ago being in the room with me. That was scary.

I’ve discovered you can speak Italian. Can you explain how that comes and tell me something in my language about … love, for example. Hold your tongue, please! I BEG YOU. I have already my personal troubles at keeping Red-Self quiet on Fridays!
Sure, my father whose parents were Italian was born in a small town Misilmeri Nr Palermo. He came over to England with his parents when he was in his early teens. They lived in London originally and then moved to just outside Bath. Where he met my late mother…. and so the upshot being I was always brought up with a sort of dual heritage. And I love this! I love the history of Italy…*Yes I love the Godfather film too* I love the culture and the people. I inherited some of my father’s and I’m told some of my grandfather’s temper and stubbornness. But I see it as a gift not a curse. I still have family over there and we keep in touch. Something about love? Okay see below. This is a beautiful Italian sonnet, and was one of my father’s favorites. I believe he gave a copy to my mum. How romantic is that? It tells of a man struck from the moment he lays eyes on his true love. It is a beautiful sonnet .

Francesco Petrarca,  Love Sonnets
Benedetto sia 'l giorno, et 'l mese, et l'anno,
et la stagione, e 'l tempo, et l'ora, e 'l punto,
e 'l bel paese, e 'l loco ov'io fui giunto
da'duo begli occhi che legato m'anno;
et benedetto il primo dolce affanno

ch'i' ebbi ad esser con Amor congiunto,

et l'arco, et le saette ond'i' fui punto,

et le piaghe che 'nfin al cor mi vanno.
Benedette le voci tante ch'io
il nome de mia donna ò sparte,

e i sospiri, et le lagrime, e 'l desio;
et benedette sian tutte le carte
ov'io fama l'acquisto,
e 'l pensier mio,
ch'è sol di lei, sí ch'altra non v'à parte.

English Translation
Oh blessed be the day, the month, the year,
the season and the time, the hour, the instant,
the gracious countryside, the place where I was
struck by those two lovely eyes that bound me;
And blessed be the first sweet agony
I felt when I found myself bound to Love,
the bow and all the arrows that have pierced me, t
he wounds that reach the bottom of my heart.
And blessed be all of the poetry I scattered,
calling out my lady's name,
and all the sighs, and tears, and the desire;
Blessed be all the paper upon which I earn her fame,
and every thought of mine, only of her, and shared with no one else.

 What do you like most of your virtual life? What are the cons, instead, of your online activities?
I enjoy it. But my housework tends to suffer! LOL

My last questions are for … Lady Marian. Have you forgiven Guy for what he did to you?
He burned my house to the ground. Stood by when I was in danger….although okay he did get me down from the tree…Hmmmm the list appears to be endless…he tried to kill Robin…should I go on? lol
Well, I actually meant ... did you forgive him for killing you but ... OK, if you're answering ... hence .. you're alive! But,  anyhow, do you realize it was your fault? That you misbehaved, tricked and cheated the poor man all the time? (Sorry for being so blunt! ) LOL
Me? Laughs.  And I thought I gave as good as I got!...he was bad…very very naughty

Gosh!  I can't totally agree with you... But ... OK. Last question . If you could go back in time, would you say YES to his passionate marriage proposal?
He tried to kill the king and then tried to lie about it, I could never marry a man who’d do that! Lol But between you and me Are you kidding? Hell ... Yes! LOL

Thank you Juliet /Lady Marian D001! It's been a great pleasure to have you here and knowing you a bit better. See you on Twitter or on Utube!


RAFrenzy said...

Thank you for this interview, Maria! I was just watching one of Juliet's videos and wondering about her, and lo and behold you have an interview. Love it!

Of course I love several of her videos, but Sleep Song is definitely my favorite. I'm partial to her comedy too. Just got done watching her Frolicks video and her latest one Revenge of the Sprouts. LOL!

Thank you again for the interview, Maria, and Juliet, thank you for all the great videos. Very creative and clever. You definitely stand out in a sea of vids.

tyme_4_t said...

Great interview with a FANTASTIC vidder!!! JulietD's work ranges from beautiful hanunting work to ROFLMAO videos (see her latest "The Revenge of the Sprouts")! I have faved many of her videos and can re-watch many times over depending on my mood. It is so great to know that there are so many others out there that are like me - a romantic with a great sense of humour and not afraid to show either side!
MG & JulietD - Keep up the great work!

OneMoreLurker said...

Is really nice to meet/know more about the amazing (and so talented) people that share the love for Mr. Armitage and his characters. Thank you Maria and Juliet for this interview!

@MG, When I found LadyMarianD001 on Twitter it took me a little to figure out she was JulietD001 too!

OML :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely interview. "Juliet's" Tell Me You Love Me will be at the top of my favourite vids. The B/W is especially effective in emphasizing the highly individual and distinguished features of both actors.

I'm aligned with Juliet in admiring the ensemble quality of the actor's work. While creating an intriguing character. And, yes, Marian gave as good as she got!


Lua said...

This was such a lovely, fun interview! Thank you ladies… It was great meeting you Juliet, I just watched one of your videos and loved it :)

Fanny/iz4blue said...

MG: Thanks for this wonderful interview!
Juliet, just love your goofy funny vids. I'm surprised no one has yet made a KoL vid of Guy...how did that happen? How I missed your Spooks spoof which is brilliant btw is beyond me!
Love your new N&S with its moody music.

Phylly3 said...

Great interview! Nice to meet you JulietD. I have been enjoying your videos for awhile now and have quite a few saved to my favourites!