RA FRIDAY - End of Summer's RAmblings

OMG! I almost didn't realize that my summer holidays are over. I "blogged, read, walked, watched" them away! I want them back!!! I haven't done all the things I'd promised myself. Sigh! But I have relaxed and enjoyed the slow-paced days I've had. Has this anything to do with Richard Armitage? Not a bit. So sorry, sorry, sorry! But I' can't avoid thinking that next Tuesday I have to be back to school. First meeting after a while. Sigh! Do you think I can go to school with my MP3 player on full of bits of RA's interviews and audioworks as Red-Self suggested? Not my style. By the way! Do you know Reddie has been furious all this week past and refused to talk to me.?What did I do? I didn't let her sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD on my blog! I neither  let her write her Red-Self Corner on that occasion . This is my blog, isn't it? So, I decide when she can or cannot take part in my RA Fridays! But she is unbearable when she gets angry so I thought  I'd better to calm her down letting her be part of the game this time. Hence, directly back from our Narnja, she'll be with us for a while this week (God help us!)

Worried Lucas? Don't be, darling! Whatever happens, we'll be all there with you!
Where do I start from? Yeah! I was reading some  blogs I like and suddenly discovered that some days ago Nat at RA Fan Blog was honestly confessing her sins as a fan (read HERE) . Well, I must admit she's full of flaws , poor child ( LOL !). She has NOT listened to ANY of RA's audioworks. I wonder... How could she resist?!? She has renounced to hours of shivering, caressing  sensations! Even more sinful is the fact that she has NOT seen STRIKE BACK! Good God! Again, how could she resist?!?  I couldn't! I covered my eyes and was startled at any shot or bloody/violent scene but I had to see it. So , Nat , I'm sorry , I'm SO sorry for you, you've missed a lot of wonderful, exciting moments!

But, at the same time , I started worrying about ME! You know, I thought I was not that addicted because I managed to blog about Richard only on Fridays ... but I'm afraid I am... addicted I mean: I've seen everything he did, I mean everything important (I even looked for him in Star Wars!) And I also listened to all his RH and Heyer audiobooks. There's just Lords of the North missing.  HELP !... to heal or not to heal, that is the question! Definitely the answer I  want t give to myself is: "... avoid thinking you are ill. This is one of the most amusing, gratifying, stimulating experiences you've ever had in your life!"  Well, Nat , I was joking with you of course! That was an amusing lovely post! I totally agree with you when you say: "We're all cRAzy in our own, special way"

Another of the RA- dedicated blogs I follow and like very much is Mulubinba's An RA viewer's perspective from 33°0S of the equator. 
  I want to thank her because she discovered how to watch and even embed the videos from the BBC site. We, Mubinba and I,  are denied watching them  because we live outside the UK, she in Australia and I in Itlay. So,  at last , thanks to her, I could watch this interview (I simply love watching and listening to Richard as Richard in his interiews) from BBC SPOOKS official site!

Thanks Mulubinba! 

Oh noooo!!! Here she comes!  Red-Self claiming her space. She says we must take a silly quiz together. A quiz from facebook (have you had a look at my page there?) . Ok. Let's see what happens... Which Richard Armitage character are you?!? What kind of test is it?  But we are women! Can't work!  Ok. I'll stop complaining. You lead, I'll follow! 

Ah, ah, ah!!! I can't stop laughing. I'm crying! with laughter!! Guess what? She's Harry Jasper Kennedy. Black-Self resulted the  Harry type. Who doubted?  And she says she's happy, that she recognizes herself in that! Right, totally utterly true! The two of them (she and Harry) would be a  disgustingly boring  couple! Would they re-watch Sense and Sensibility together or read Far from the Madding Crowd? (rolls eyes) Listen to this:
Result: You are Harry Kennedy
You are quiet, yet confident. You are not afraid to be impulsive and follow your heart. You know what you want in life.
 Look above on the left: remarkable handsome stranger, indeed,only SHE resembles more someone in THIS other picture below...
The lady on the right does resemble Black-Self, much more than Harry!

LOL!!! I'll die laughing today! Now it's my turn for the quiz. Are you ready? Quiiiiiiiz!

1.You are at a Friend's Party and a gorgeous man starts chatting you up, what do you do?
    Politely bow and say no thank you as you have not been introduced
    Size them up mentally first before replying.
    Hell yes I am up for a quickie
    Mmm let's go on a walk
    Oh yeah baby want me to drop on the floor now
    I blush and run away

2.    You find a wallet full of money what do you do?
    Return it to the nearest police station
    Shly look inside to see who it belongs to and return it to them
    Finders keepers, Losers weepers. stupid peasants!
    Keep it, it will buy more presents for your girlfriends/boyfriends
    Do a trace on it and then take it back to HQ to find its rightful owner
    Take it to the police station and if it is not claimed donate it to the church funds

3.    Where would be your ideal holiday destination?
    Anywhere hot and sunny and with lots of naked bodies on the beach
    A quiet country retreat with the man/woman of your dreams
    Anywhere the Sheriff of Nottingham wasn't taking a bath at
    Anywhere you can be alone with nature and do a bit of lambing lol
    A place with lots of country walks and yellow roses

4.    What's your idea of a Romantic night in?
    Getting to hold your love's hand
    Hot sex and lots of it
    Spending the night alone, tearing up pictures of your ex partner
    All night long in the bedroom
    A gentle candle light poetry reading with the one you love
    A good book, a good bottle of wine and kissing by the fire

5.    What is your favourite flower?
    Sweet Pea
    Red Roses
    Yellow Roses
    Forget me nots
    Love Lies Bleeding

6.    What is your favourite meal?
    Candle lit dinner
    Fish and Chips
    Posh dinners
    Yorkshire pud with bangers and mash
    Anything quick
    Whatever is going in the kitchen

7.    The person you secretly love turns you down, what do you do?
    You sadly think about it and then you let them get on with their life
    Walk away and pretend to ignore them every time you meet
    Run them through with your broadsword, the b*tch
    You are bemused but are sure there is just a misunderstanding
    Accept it sadly and keep hoping
    Move on to the next one, the are plenty of fish in the sea
Let's see now ... 1. Hell yes I'm up for a quickie 2. Finders keepers, Loosers weepers, Stupid peasants 3. Anywhere the sheriff wasn't taking a bath at  4. Hot sex and lots of it 5. Love lies bleeding 6. whatever is going in the kitchen 7. Run them through with your broadsword, the b**ch 
 Result: No doubt you are GUY!!!
You are grouchy and domineering. But hey you have your compensations you are covered in tight black leather from the neck down. People better not get on your bad side or they might find themselves on the wrong side of a six foot broadsword.
Yepee! My devilish, gorgeous, sexy man!!!
 Do you want to take the quiz yourself? TRY HERE 
Now ladies, it's been a great pleasure to be with for a while. See you next week. Have an exciting, unforgettable, amazing weekend! Forgot something ... did you notice? She didn't come. Black-self didn't come to check and interfere. Strange? Not that much. She got what she deserved and... she got lost in her "Narnja" (yes I know with "i" but she says it's better change the original name a bit and writes it with "j")  . It' s her turn to be locked in that awfully dark and stinky place! Well, till her husband comes and rescues her. I'm better off!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Sigh! I can't access the quiz because I don't have a FB profile, but I'm quite confident I wouldn't be HJK... Guy, perhaps, or JT more likely!
Hi MG, I'm sorry our holideays are about to finish, but just think to all the goodies - RA-wise - that will come next month, at last!
And please, don't tell me you want to heal from your (our?) addiction, because it's great fun, to say the least! :)
Hope to 'see' you asap properly, now just 'stealing' a wifi connection at a BP service station near Glasgow,
xx KB

Maria Grazia said...

Hello there! Coming back home at last! I hope to see you soon. I know you could never be Harry! I laughed when I read my own result! I love Harry but I didn't think I was the Harry-type... Do you think I am?!? I'm glad you could "steal" a wifi connection after several days. I've been missing you. Enjoy your last hours in Scotland. Have a safe journey back! Hugs. MG.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I know, I know... I have been so deprived and downright neglectful of all things RA. :) I plan to fix that soon.

I took the quiz and I'm Harry Kennedy. (The Gisborne options made me laugh! *stupid peasants*)

Anonymous said...

That was the first time I watched the BBC interview and I was struck by the stillness of Richard. He is the most self-contained, composed actor I can think of. It was a lesson in calm and all I could think of, watching the cut-ins from Spooks, was how he saves the excess energy for his roles. It's the old adage, 'iron hand in velvet glove.'

Marvellous to watch and analyse for future character reference.

mulubinba said...

Thanks for the mention, Maria! It seems to have been very quiet on the RA front lately .... maybe it is just my perception. Has the man disappeared? I guess we will see more when Spooks 9 is aired in the UK.

I don't have a facebook account so unfortunately I can't do the quiz :(. I answered 1, 1,5, 5, 3, 3, 1. (Sounds a bit like JT but I'm not sure ....?)

Maria Grazia said...

@Nat, Mesmered, Mulubinba
Hello to you all! It's a pleasure to wake up and start a new day with your nice comments.
Mulubinba, I'm glad to announce you that... YOU GUESSED! You are Mr Thornton!!!
"You are a bit rough around the edges but have a heart of gold beneath that black coat. You like walking in grave yards and smelling roses. You are a true romantic LMAO"
Have a wonderful weekend!

Avalon said...

Poor thing, I am sorry you did not accomplish all you wanted to do this summer. Time really flies.

Sweet Nat, lol....but you know I am truly the most neglectful fan, I have only seen a few of RA's pieces.

To Reddie-
Run them through with your broadsword, the b*tch....LOL

Maria Grazia said...

I had a month and planned lots of things to read and watch, places to go and people to meet but ... as you said, impossible, time flew by in a while. Never mind. We must learn to cope with Time and surrender to the idea it always wins on us. We can only make the best we can with the time we have.
Reddie gives you her best regards, Avalon!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you enjoyed this vacation time and could relax a bit.

" But we are women! Can't work!" LOL black self! I took the test and I'm....John Thornton! Hehe :P
Never thought I could be like him, though the description kinda fits me.
'Guy answers' were so obvious about him and so very funny too!

OML :)

Maria Grazia said...

Hi! Yeah, I've had plenty of long walks, reading sessions, relaxing moments, slow-paced days. "Holy days" respect to the frantic rhythm of my school days.But let's stop complaining! I'm one of the lucky who can do the job they like!
The Guy anwers were so obvious,it was not difficult at all to (cheat and) obtain that result!
Have a great Sunday!!!

Unknown said...

Just borrowed my (temporary) flatmate's FB account and did the quiz.
As predicted, I AM JT!YAY! I KNEW it! :)
Loved the Guy answers, though, and had to LOL at the JS ones, too ... might be beacuse I've spent the last 10 days "lambing" in the scottish countryside ;)
Have a nice Sunday everyone,

Anonymous said...

We went back to classes this week -- uch, it was rough. I'm glad that you are still in a good mood though as witnessed by this charming post.

Maria Grazia said...

Yes, I read about your being back on your blog... never easy to re-start! But I try to react positively. There are far worse jobs than ours and ,then , ... I can teach about Robin Hood, Victorian Industrial novels ... and so on. Ain't I lucky?

Lua said...

Haha Oh Maria your RA addiction reminds me of my Conor Oberst addiction… I say
a healthy dose of obsession is good for us :)
I can’t believe summer is over- it always goes so quickly!
Love the quiz- it was great fun to read!

Maria Grazia said...

Do you mean you recovered? Is there any hope for me? The problem is ... I don't actually want to!
Thanks for being always so kind!

RAfandreamer said...

A fun RA Friday as always!I'm so proud of being a cRAzy fan, because I'm not just a common fan, no, I'm the fan of Richard Armitage, and that makes all the difference, Don't you think so? :) Thanks for sharing the interview & to Mulubinba for her expert knowledge.
Couldn't take part of the poll as I'm not on facebook.
Thank you, until next RA Friday!