2015 has been a blessed year for period drama lovers, hasn't it? What costume series have you watched and loved? Here are mine.



The second part of season one was gripping, tough, dark, a rollercoaster of emotions. Never suffered as much as while watching ep.15/16 for any TV series! Unforgettable performances by Mr Heughan and Mr Menzies. Looking forward to Jamie & Claire's  French adventures!


The original TV series was pivotal in my life, it started my love for everything British. The new version was mesmerizing, so romantic and beautiful! Aidan Turner? Well, yes, I happened to notice his charming looks from time to time.

The Last Kingdom

One of my best favourite series of 2015. The blend between his Anglo-Saxon origins and his Viking upbringing is what makes Uhtred such an interesting  character! Reading The Lords of The North and looking forward to season 2. Because we will have one, won't we?


Back again to the 18th century (see Outlander, Turn or Poldark). This intriguing  story took me  to wild Australia when it was the land of British penal colonies. The protagonists were convicts sent there for various crimes - or even no crime at all – and redcoats in the duty to watch them. No series 2, BBC? That's a crime you must be banished for!

Turn 2

As in Outlander or Banished,  His Majesty’s men  do not get to be flattered. Not-at-all. They are the villains, the brutal, pitiless ones. Though Major John AndrĂ© (J.J. Feild)  is quite the romantic hero.

And Then There Were None

Did anyone notice it was a brilliant, thrilling drama series with an awesome cast? Because I read much of Aidan Turner wearing just a towel ... Gritty, spooky, remarkable.

The Musketeers 2 

D'Artagnan,  Aramis, Portos and Athos have never been more fascinating. I loved series 2! Though I missed Cardinal Richelieu,  since Rochefort  made him seem kind. Can't wait for series 3!

Mr Selfridge 3 

The famous department store opened its doors again as Mr Selfridge returned to ITV for its third season, bringing with it a fantastic mix of drama, despair and romance. And I liked season 3 more than I expected. Upcoming season 4 will be the final one.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Bizarre wizards and their tricks made their  entrance on BBC One  on Sunday night and it was ... enchanting, irresistible, fanstastic. Potteresque?

The Scandalous Lady W.

A disturbing tale of sex and sensibility, as it has been defined. Interesting, spicy, but unsurprising. I liked it, anyhow.  

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Did we or didn't we need a new adaptation of Lawrence's novel? I must say I didn't mind it at all. Holliday Grainger, Richard Madden and James Norton were worth watching.

Life in Squares

The series followed   the bohemian trio made up by Virginia Woolf, her sister Vanessa Bell  and painter Duncan Grant   and their like-minded friends as they attempted to negotiate their turbulent artistic and sexual lives. I couldn't miss it for its connections to literature and art.

Downton Abbey 6 

I can't believe it is over. For good! How much can one sniff watching one episode? Pretty much if it comes to Downton final episode, the Christmas Special. Perfection.

Reign 2 & 3

Francis and Mary's doomed love story got me hooked all through season 2 and first half of season 3 in 2015.  The second half will be broadcast in 2016. What of Mary without her Francis? Total lack of historical accuracy was compensated  with gorgeousness and intrigue.

Cider with Rosie

A vivid memoir of Laurie Lee’s childhood, an evocative coming-of-age story set in an idyllic Cotswold village during and immediately after the Great War.  Touching and lyrical.

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