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In this growing digital age we live in, it seems less and less people are taking time to read anymore. Great classics go ignored and new releases are never touched, because everyone is too busy checking their phones, playing with their tablets, or watching TV. Amid the sea of mobile applications for everything from the weather forecasts to insurance quotes, one is left to wonder if there's any love left for the world of literature.
Well, good news, apps aren't just for game lovers or marketing businesses anymore. Several developers have used their skills to create handy applications for those of us that prefer a good read every now and then. Whether you're seeking a local bookstore, or a quick literary download, these apps are sure to have what you're seeking.

Allowing users to create wish lists, browse new bestsellers and even download free e-books, this app is a book lovers dream. Understanding that many of us still like to buy and read our books the old-fashioned way, it even searches for the best deals at area bookstores. Whether you're in the market for new or used books, the application is sure to help you find what you're looking for with ease and convenience. Also, since it includes book deals from multiple countries, it will even convert foreign currencies into the one that applies for you, taking all of the hassle out of exchange rates and shipping fees—ah, booklover Heaven does exist.
Created by the American Booksellers Association with the help of the BlueFire Productions, this application is great for book lovers and businesses alike, as it promotes local bookstores in your community. Providing suggestions with links for purchase, this app delivers instant reading options to its users.
Thanks to a partnership between Google eBooks and small, indie bookstores, millions of people are able to access several titles through their mobile device. Available for iOS and Android, this application is sure to not disappoint.

Boasting over 23,000 titles, Spreadsong is definitely an application worth checking out. Initially made expressly for the iPhone, the app has since expanded to the Android market, although some differences do exist between the two versions. Additionally, iPhone users also have access to nearly 3,000 audiobooks for those who might prefer to listen to their books in their spare time. Overall, if you're a literary fan, odds are you'll be a fan of Spreadsong, so check it out today.
So, for all of you book lovers out there, don't fret about the future of the pastime you know and love. The digital revolution is merely changing the way we do some things.

Susan Wells is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about automotive and health news, technology, lifestyle and personal finance. She often researches and writes about automobile, property and health insurance, helping consumers find cheap insurance quotes and the best protection available. However, when she finds the time, she enjoys curling up with a good book and reading the day away. Susan welcomes your comments.


Fanny/iz4blue said...

Interesting list, the digital age has made it easy to learn new words daily and I love quote apps

LĂșthien84 said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Susan. I'll definitely check it out when I'm free.