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The European Renaissance is still remembered by the people of the continent as it opened the door for creative expressions. A lot of new classics that were ignored by the Orthodox Church had been introduced during that period. That era is in the middle of us in the form of renaissance festivals. As a matter of surprise, such festivals are more popular in America as compared to Europe. American descendants of Europeans seem keen to know about their medieval culture. 

These festivals provide the wonderful blend of interactive entertainment, commercial enterprise and outdoor costume party. The themed events belonged to the era of William Shakespeare, but these festivals are entirely different from the Shakespeare festivals. In the Shakespeare festivals, dramas of this great author are performed by the expert artists. On the other hand, renaissance festivals are meant for the light entertainment. The plays of Shakespeare are performed in these festivals also, but in their shortened versions. Various music performances are also the prominent attractions of the fairs. Moreover, archery, jousting and many other reenactment activities also increase the enthusiasm towards the festivals. On the other hand, the merchants with household goods can also be seen in the festivals making the profits. The renaissance and pirate costumes can also be obtained from the stalls in the fairs. 

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These fairs are celebrated in various cities of America every year. In the year 1999, 115 known fairs were celebrated. The digit reached 157 in 2004. The digit is increasing today also. These fairs are celebrated on big as well as small level. The big festivals are divided into various weekends. New activity can be observed every weekend. For instance, you can observe reenactment activity in one week, and music performances on the other. The provision of celebrating the pirate weekends can also be witnessed in many of the fairs. Such weekends are dedicated to the pirate lifestyles of the medieval era. The lifestyle of sea robbers can be enjoyed in these weekends. Renaissance fashion show also remains an allure in some of the weekend of the fair. 

The Renaissance fashion clothing is worn by the people in these fashion shows. These costumes comprise of the blend of renaissance style clothing and modern dress sense. Such costumes further give an idea to the audience about these outfits. Apart from the fashion show participants, other contestants such as jousters, archers and musicians can also be witnessed in these costumes. On the other hand, a number of visitors also like to wear these dresses in festival. Pirate costumes are also popular in the renaissance festivals. The fact cannot be denied that the European Renaissance festivals give a rejuvenating experience to the Americans. 

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There is one point that you missed. Renaissance festivals are also a small way for some that enjoy history, a craft, and costuming to share it with others.

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