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During the month of June we will be featuring several fabulous authors who write clean romance. There will be giveawaysfree ebooks and great deals on books. Have you checked our previous posts?  And don't forget to stay tuned for the next ones! The book featured today is Love Unexpected by G.G. Vandagriff. Discover more about this Regency romance and take your chances to win in the giveaway. 

Love Unexpected by G.G. Vandagriff

 Don’t miss G.G. Vandagriff’s latest Regency romance where a simmering attraction combines with a dangerous mystery . . .

When the widowed Lady Marianne Deveridge is invited to spend the season in London with her friend Lady Penelope Wellingham, she has no idea that Penny and Beau have another guest: Captain Ernest Saunders, Beau’s brother. Matchmaking is definitely afoot. However, after having been married to wandering explorer, Marianne has no intention of becoming involved with a wandering sea captain. Her first sight of Captain Saunders in all his robust masculinity brings every one of her senses to attention. She knows then that her resolve will be difficult to keep.

Almost immediately upon making the captain’s acquaintance, Marianne becomes the focus of a mysterious villain who is devising a horse racing fraud. What has she seen to endanger a deadly felon? She has no idea. Captain Saunders makes it his business to keep Marianne safe, and the two of them are brought closer by their investigation into the dark side of horse racing. Still, she thinks she is managing to resist his charms. It is not until her very survival is at stake that she realizes how interwoven their lives have become. Will her heart ever recover once she watches another ship put out to sea?


At that moment, Arabella entered holding Gweet by the hand. The girl had never been bashful. Walking forward, she executed a grave curtsey. She said, “Arabella tells me you are her brother, Captain. I am called Gweet, though actually my name is Marguerite. My twin is Lord Deveridge, but he is at Eton.” The reverent awe with which her daughter was looking at Beau’s brother was something Marianne had never witnessed in her daughter. The captain performed a full bow. “I am enchanted to make your acquaintance, Miss Marguerite.” “Are you married?” Gweet asked. “No. I have spent too much time at sea to settle down,” he said with a grin. “Then I should like to marry you, please.” Amused but not terribly surprised at her daughter’s request, Marianne gave Captain Saunders full marks for not showing a twitch of a smile. Instead he put both hands on her shoulders and said, “I may be wrong, of course, but I do not think you are quite old enough to marry, as yet. Shall we talk about it again in a few years?” Behind a furrowed brow, Gweet appeared to be considering this. “I shall be eighteen in just six years.” “And by then I shall be at least a hundred!” “I am not a child, Captain. I expect that you are near to thirty now. You will be six and thirty when I am old enough to wed.” “We shall talk about it then. But I am as certain as I can be that you will have your mind set upon marrying a duke or at least a marquess when you make your come out.” Gweet shook her head solemnly. “I will show you. I can be faithful.” Marianne fought the urge to tell her daughter that her prospective husband would never venture such a pledge. Her own feet were back on the ground. This man may be a glorious specimen of manhood, but he was not for her. 



  Love Unexpected by G.G. Vandagriff is an absolute delight to read. This thrilling novel with a bit of adventure and mystery within is well-written, page-turning, and one that readers will absolutely not want to put down. Vandagriff has a great talent in the way she writes, capturing her readers’ attention from page one every time! And this fun new series is no different. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy charming historical regency romance stories.--The Singing Librarian Blog Review

LOVE UNEXPECTED is a sweet romance with a little danger and two strong characters. I loved Earnest and Marianne from the start. I also loved that you can feel their attraction to each other and so can they. I then enjoyed the back and forth between them and how much time they ended up spending together, developing a friendship before the romance progressed. The suspense elements of the story also kept things interesting and provided some sweet moments between these two. I adored Marianne's daughter. The ending was adorable and perfect for this story.--Wishful Endings Blog 


Author G.G. Vandagriff 

 As a writer, I love to wake up each day to a world of my own creation. This has been going on for a long time since I started writing at age nine! I love to write novels set in the Regency, such as Love Unexpected, because I can totally immerse myself in the challenges of another place and time. But I also like the world of Romantic Suspense (my newest novel, Breaking News, comes out this month), Historical Fiction and Romance, and Mysteries. My favorite novel? Jane Eyre. I love: playing with my seven grandchildren, Florence, Italy, Chocolate, Sundance Resort, Lilacs, and dachshunds.

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