If you have a look at my blog you'll find several posts dealing with my fascination with writers and actors. I really love the infinite chances a writer and an actor have to create life - or lives - through their art. 
That's why when I happen to really meet  talented ones in my life,  I feel blessed and urged to share their wonderful projects and achievements with all my friends online or in real life. 
I met Anita Tenerelli thanks to my sister - she is a friend of hers -  and I invited her, as a bilingual speaker of Italian and English,  to meet my students for an interview.  A native speaker is a rare guest in our little school but precious to our students of English as a foreign language. 

Anita talked to them about her living and studying in Texas as as a teenager, after leaving the South of Italy with her family, and about her coming back to Italy as an adult, choosing Subiaco,  our little town surrounded by mountains not far from Rome,  to settle down with her American partner, Craig Peritz, an actor and drama teacher. 
Anita has mostly been working as a teacher of English and as a drama teacher here in Italy, despite her brilliant curriculum as an actress, and her dream is to write and make movies. The Emotional Quotient is the movie project she is working on right now. What about helping her and her team to make it come true? 


Three hopeful and highly qualified aspiring managers compete for the job of a life-time in the exciting and lucrative world of risk-management. And while they’re willing to do just about anything to to achieve success, they aren’t quite prepared for what their potential employer is willing to do in order to assure that they select the appropriate candidate for the job. Who will be hired?



Anita Tenerelli is an actress and writer. She wrote this film because she was tired of dealing with so many tests and so many unpredictable factors when applying for a job. It's never enough and sometimes you don't even get a chance to show your real talent. Emotions play a key role here as in life and being aware of this, increases the chances of being successful. She can't think of a better way of transcending the negative aspects of today's increasingly competitive job market than creating a story with which anybody can identify.

The movie will be shot in Italian and English in Chieti, a beautiful town in Abruzzi, in the centre of Italy. The cast, directed by Luca Imperiale,  will include  Anita Tenerelli and Craig Peritz, of course, but also other professional actors like Barbara Bacci, Vincenzo Ciardo, Mario Paradiso. 


The team has an extensive experience in film-making. They have created or worked in dozens of short films and feature films in roles such as producer, director, actor and writer. Their profiles may be easily checked on Imdb.

 Anita Tenerelli on imdb

Craig Peritz on imdb

Anita and Craig present the project in Italian and in English in this video


Anita and her team's goal is to guarantee that all the people involved in this project get a respectable wage and that they can achieve a technical level that will allow them to reach the largest audience possible.  They already have the personnel and the technical ability to make the film, so all the contributors are ensured to receive their perks. Their desire is to maximize the potential of this film and to create a working environment that mirrors the value of the film itself.

Anita's and her team's objective is to raise 5000 euros by 30 June 2018 

For further details check this link

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