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Seeing the future of movies for 2015 is pretty predictable!

In recent years, I have had a bit of an epiphany. As a movie lover, I am continually buying my ticket and my ridiculously expensive popcorn (but it really does taste better!), in order to see movies, the ads for which have piqued my interest. I have come to the conclusion that the types of movies that are destined to become box office hits reflect political/societal phenomena and the attempts to resurrect old standards that worked well before. 2015 will be no different.

Political/Social Phenomena

Boyhood - Official still

2014 saw film hits like Boyhood, a poignant story, to be certain, but also a treatment of divorce and children of divorce. Then there was Gone Girl, a thriller, of course, but still addressing the issue of marriage and relationships gone wrong.
2015 may not treat divorce and relationships as much as it may return to political and social phenomena from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Consider Unbroken, a story that will take us back to World War II and the theme of the indomitable human spirit. Another opener for 2015, The Sniper, will treat the horrors of contemporary warfare and its devastating impact on the human spirit.

Fifty Shades of Grey  - The protagonists
Other societal issues will be portrayed in such releases as the final episode of The Hunger Games and, of course, the movie everyone is waiting for, “50 Shades of Grey.” Those who are waiting with baited breath for this one may be sorely disappointed, for word is now out that it has been majorly toned down and may even be released with a PG-13 rating that focuses more on a love story than the sex!
Race Relations: In 2013-14, we saw The Help and Twelve Years a Slave. Because race relations still looms as an issue, and because it is the 50th anniversary of the event, Selma will be a widely viewed film (except perhaps for older white males who grew up in Alabama).
Politics: While nothing has been announced, there will probably be as least one political and legal thriller to hit the box offices this year. Why? Because writers and producers look to television ratings for some of their ideas. Given the popularity of Scandal, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, and Suits among television viewers, it is highly unlikely that this category will go untapped.
Science Fiction: What’s not to love? Given the blockbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar, Star Wars, Episode VII was a “no brainer” decision. And think of the audience! Adults in their 40’s were just kids when the first Trilogy was launched.

The Year of the Re-Makes

If 2015 is known for nothing else in “movie land,” it will definitely be known as the year of the re-make. Here are just the ones that have been announced:
Peanuts returns! This will be an interesting one to watch. Certainly people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s remember all of the Charlie Brown movies and holiday shows. But will it appeal to the rather “jaded” children who have grown up with unbelievable animation, glitzy special effects, and rather sophisticated humor? We shall see!
The Avengers will be back – always a pretty good risk for producers.
Jurassic Park will become Jurassic World, although not much has been told about the general plot. Writers may still be struggling with a sequel to the original or a larger schematic that will involve an invasion of the entire world.
James Bond, The Fantastic Four, and Superman vs. Batman (other superheroes are also invited to this “party”) will all return for another run in 2015.

Children’s Films

In addition to the superhero thrillers, children will be treated to two new Disney-Pixar movies – The Good Dragon and Inside-Out, a film that will appeal to a “tween” audience, because the entire plot centers around the daydreams and musings of a 12-year old. The plot takes place inside her brain!

Crime and Suspense

Foxcatcher - a scene from the movie
Fox Catcher is the only announced film in this category so far, but given the popularity of the television hits, Law and Order, CSI, and the three versions of NCIS, it is difficult to believe that similar plots and themes will not make their way to the big screen.
Overall, there will be couple of things to watch for in the announced and un-announced lineup for 2015. Will the sequels and re-makes attract large audiences? Will animated adventures of superheroes still thrill all age groups? And my burning question: Can a simple comic strip turned simple movie capture a following among our children?

Guest blogger, Julie Ellis

Armed with a Master’s in Journalism and strong wanderlust, Julie Ellis set out to explore exotic places, financed by her freelance writing. She is now a regular blogger for Premier Essay and sells feature articles to English-speaking publications around the world.

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