Best  Play

The Crucible - I was just sitting there, on the left, behind the girls ...

I've been to the theatre a few times this year (HERE,  HERE and HERE ) but, no doubt: The Crucible. seen at the Old Vic in London twice at the end of June, beginning of July. It was great not only because I could make a dream of mine come true - which was seeing Richard Armitage on stage - but because the thrill I experienced in the audience will always stay with me as one of the dearest, most exciting memories of my entire life. Here's my report of that incredible experience with pictures and anecdotes. 

Best musical

Final greetings from the cast of Giulietta e Romeo 

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e Cambia il Mondo has been ... let's say the soundtrack of my 2014. I know the songs almost by heart, I saw the show 3 times: first time in March, second time with about a hundred of my students on December 18 and third and last time just before Christmas with the female side of my big family and friends. OK, you are allowed to think  I'm a slightly enthusiastic fan of this show and of its talented cast. 
Is there a way to make teenagers, even the most reluctant, love Shakespeare great tragedies? Bring them to see this colourful, gripping, moving musical. 

Best trips

Trafalgar Square, London - April 2014

Well, with one to forget (Dublin in March), and two great ones  to London (in April with colleagues  and  in June/July with friends), I may say it is easlily done: Best favourite? You can easily guess,  too, but I'll give you a clue.

Best reads

Thanks to my stubborness in my "mission impossible", that is to make my teenage Italian students to read books in English, I've spent quite a pleasant amount of time reading YA fiction and ... it was fun!

Best re-read

I'm halfway through this epic journey - reading book 4 now

I risk being repetitive but must be honest with it: it was Outlander, Book 1, by Diana Gabaldon. Enough said.

Best  actors and best roles

Old and new fondnesses  I've been sharing with you here at FLY HIGH! They include: 
1. Richard Armitage as John Proctor  2. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser  3. Caitriona Balfe as Claire Beauchamp 4. Jamie Dornan as Abe Goffe 4. Jamie Bell as Abe Woodhull 6. Luke Pasqualino as D'Artagnan and Santiago Cabrera as Aramis (All for one and one for all!) 7. J.J. Field as Mr Nobley 8. Matthew McNulty as Jem Merlyn 9. Robert Sheehan as Eli  10.  James Norton as Sydney Chambers
I've reflected on my fascination with actors in this post and tried to find answers ... what do you think? Does it make any sense? 

Best professional achievement

I designed and wrote the didactic activities for this website and I was really flattered when they asked. Then, soemthing else happened in 2014: if you google learn online or learning online the first link they suggest you is  one of my blogs,  which now gets an incredible amount of page-visits each day. LEARN ONLINE is just meant to support my lessons and as a multimedia aid to my students, nothing else.However, I'm glad so many other students or teachers find it useful.  Oh! And have I told you I've been giving aftenoon lessons to a brave group of my colleagues? They are the best students a teacher can dream of! 

Most popular posts

As for blogging, the most visited posts here at FLY HIGH! have been the ones connected to The Paradise, the BBC period drama which ended with season two in 2013 on British TV, but  made it to US and Italian TV in 2014. I loved that series and I'm really disappointed because they decided to stop at the end of season 2. (Here, here and here) The blogposts  I had more fun writing were this one and this one, instead.

Best Interviews  

It was an honour and a great pleasure to interview two successful and talented professionals somehow connected to stardom: writer Simon Lewis  &amp photographer Sarah Dunn. Click on their names and discover why!

That's all, my friends. Are you ready to say good-bye to 2014? I am. Let's hope 2015 will be at least ... not worse, ok? Am I asking for too much? Blessings and Joy to you all! MG

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