(by guest blogger Vanessa Gallo) 
People are driven by inspiration, ambitions and needs in life. It is the zeal and passion towards life that makes them aspire for many things in life. Different people have different interests and passions. Some may find satisfaction in art, some others may love music and certain others will be fond of reading literature. Many people will not be happy to read a book, watch a movie or listen to music. They may want people with similar interests to talk to. Every individual is unique with different view points and opinions.

People who are interested in art, music and literature have many advantages on the web. They can create communities online and share their thoughts regarding these topics. Many people love to join with people with similar or related interests. Artists have a relatively more flexible schedule and hence many art communities have appeared all over the world, especially in the United States. Gatlinburg Artists’ Community, John C. Campbell Folk School and Sedona are a few art communities of the United States. Gatlinburg community is located in Tennessee where most of the artists of the US live and work. All their studios are open to the public and the artists specialize in themes related to the Great Smoky Mountains. This community attracts many tourists.
The John C. Campbell Folk School has been operating in Brasstown for over a century now. The school has many artists. Some of them take classes on specific topics in art occasionally. This community stresses on teaching folk art and is open to all who are interested in learning the intricacies of the folk art form. Extensive training is offered here by top-rated artists. Arizona’s Sedona is a destination for artists and for people with spiritual pursuits. Sedona is also known for many galleries which showcase the local work.

Just like art communities there are exemplary music communities for the benefit of the music-loving public. Users of these communities are enabled to upload content under the free licenses of the communities. There are different communities dedicated for vocal and instrumental music. Sound cloud is such a community which allows artists to upload their works. The tools that are used in this community can integrate into the web. Adoptions from different artists and labels are also permitted here. Indaba Music is another community which facilitates interaction between various musicians. Artists can share loops and songs under the CC license through digital recording tools of the community. This is also known for artists remix contests. All of them use CC licenses to help user-end remix promotion.  

Literature reflects communities, society and individuals. It uses language to indicate what it feels like in different cultural conditions. It is through the help of literature that we create experience. Time, culture, attitudes, and settings - all influence literature of the particular time. A love for reading can bring many people together to form literary communities and share their views on different works of literature, their opinions on different authors and different periods in the history of literature. Literary interests of people differ among people and time periods. For some reading Shakespeare will be an all-time favorite activity. Romeo and Juliet will be one of the most beautiful pieces of literature for those Shakespeare-lovers. For certain others contemporary literature will be more enjoyable.
The language used in Shakespeare’s time will not be having the same effect on readers of today. It will convey different emotions now. So, one can even say that the power of such strong works has diluted over time. It depends on the mindset of the readers. Readers of the 14th and 15th centuries had such a bent of mind that they were able to read and appreciate Shakespeare’s works. They were also able to identify themselves with the characters of those great works of art. What matters here is how people perceive these works of art and how emotions are conveyed through the works and through the characters. For a majority of us, speech is ultimate. It is through speech that we express our thoughts without the fear of any censorship. It is the free mode of expression we, human beings, are endowed with. Literature communities and forum are the most useful platforms for the general reading public to discuss different authors and their great works of literature.

Meet our guest blogger: Vanessa Gallo
I am Vanessa Gallo, a freelance writer from Zurich and prefer both academic and non academic writings. Normally I do help in writing all the academic papers and also content editing for all sorts of students. A good writing experience in dissertation analysis chapter with many professional services, made me effortless to prepare all kind of papers. Currently I am working out by providing the articles to the bloggers.

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