Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser


 1.  Jamie Fraser
Once you meet him, the least that can happen to you is that you get a crush on him. But,  watch yourself! You risk to fall desperately in love with him, become obsessed with him,  and there’s no way back! Mind you: you're warned.
He is strong, brave, witty, generous, loyal, charming, smart, passionate, principled, sensitive, reliable, honest, charismatic, sexually insatiable and handsome.  
And even if you come to accept he is just a fictional character and renounce finding his alter ego in real life, still you’ll go on comparing every man around you to him and … sigh!

Caitriona Balfe as Claire
 2. Claire Beauchamp

If you compare yourself to Mistress Beauchamp, instead, you’ll start feeling so envious and so unsatisfied with yourself. She is very, very lucky. Smart, brave, blunt, strong. And beautiful, of course! Who of us would survive what she has to go through? She has the right skills to face all the troubles she is confronted with, instead. Could you sling dislocated bones back to their right place? Cure any kind of desease? Attend disgusting injuries without panicking? Treat people with plants and herbs? Marry a gorgeous young man though you are already married and apparently in love with your husband? Well, no, actually, there are no special skills required in this case. You’d need a very strong masochistic tendency to resist the temptation to say : “Yes, I will gladly take a second husband if his name is Jamie Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser." No, definitely, Claire is not good for your self-esteem.

3. Bigamy. You’ll start wondering if that is such a terribly wrong thing after all …

4.    Scotland and stone circles. Stunning scenarios, breath-taking landscapes, lush wilderness ... and  you’ll begin to  plan your next journey, wherever you live. Never mind the cost of the ticket flight. Never mind if it often rains.  You’ll long to be there,  in  that incredible land with those bleak castles,  and you will start circling all the stone circles on your Scotland’s map.

5. Gaelic.
You’ll start quoting Gaelic words here and there and will find yourself inviting people to join you,  no matter where,  shouting enthusiastically , “Tùlach Ard”,  or to call your English friends “Sassenachs” and toast with mates saying “Slàinte Mhath”. Never mind their puzzled looks! “Dinna fash!”

6. The kilt. 
You’ll start thinking that a man in a skirt is the sexiest thing on earth and your husband or boyfriend will stare at you very worried.

7. Horses
What cars? Horses are so exciting, especially if you could share a saddle with a certain gorgeous, kilted rider. You can't go horse-riding to your office just to train and get ready. And  it will be quite an expensive hobby to take up, you know. 

8. Witches & time travelling
You’ll start wondering if witches were not just unlucky women travelling through time, poor creatures. Why did they ever want to burn them? Because at that point you'll be convinced that time travelling is possible, all you need is just the right stone circle...

Claire, "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, Jamie! I should go back to my husband, you ken! "
 9. Male virginity 
What? Experienced lovers as husbands? No, thanks. You’ll see : there will be a certain wedding night, a newly married couple, he a virgin and she a “widow” , and you’ll begin to hold on to a new motto: “Younger and virgin”. It is a rare combination, but so much better. Loose morals, that's what else you risk! (see also 3. Bigamy above)

Jamie, "Reckon one of us should know what they are doing"

10. Black Jack Randall
 Beware of nightmares involving a dark, handsome, sadistic,  red-coated officer. Not sure you’ll wake up entirely unharmed.

Tobias Menzies as Black Jack Randall

Well, just kidding, of course. I’m totally hooked by Outlander! Have you seen episodes 1 and 2? Did you like them?  

Outlander is on Starz every Saturday at 9 p. m


Mary Jane Hathaway said...

So funny! I don't have cable and I've never read the books. But my friend needs to read this. She'll love it!

Unknown said...

Yes - to all 10! Amazing post!

Marilyn Brant said...

What a fabulous list!! Love your sense of humor...and, yes, I'm totally hooked on "Outlander" :).

Rowan said...

Must confess. Have seen the first episode 7 times and the second one twice. I have a serious Outlander obsession and I don't want to find the cure! Best books become best TV Show! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

So true! I wish you had told me this before I became obsessed!

Jeanne Peterson said...

Brilliant post!

JaneGS said...

Yes! I'm hooked too--not disappointed at all. They're doing a great job in bringing a fantastic book to the screen.

Sheila L. Majczan said...

Oh, I am SO HOOKED! When STARZ sent me the ads for this series online I had to read the book...now books and then they sent me the first episode free. I plan my weekend around being home in time to see this. Although they do show the episodes multiple times on STARZ during the week. Jamie is so fine!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I loved this post! Thank you for making me laugh. I was nodding my head in agreement... as I have been totally obsessed with all things Outlander since I watched the first episode a few weeks ago and have since been reading the books. (On #3 at the moment.) Damn that Jamie Fraser!!!

Iriel said...

THE KILT. So true!!!! I can't believe I'm actually finding kilts attractive!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, yes to all of these!

Unknown said...

Take it that you don't like Doctor Who? ive

Anonymous said...

I've not watched and I won't. They deviated too far from the books for my liking and although I've warmed up to Sam as Jamie, the Claire casting is still all wrong, IMO>