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The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon Think magic will solve your problems? Bring you love? Cure you? Protect you? Help you find someone who is lost? Think again. Magic tests friendships. It hisses, chirps, stinks up the room, backfires, and explodes. Magic forces you to make tough decisions. Shatter limitations. Discover your true self. When you use magic, expect results in the ultimate triple-un—unpredictable, uncontrollable, and so undeniable. And you thought navigating high school was tough.



Spell Check Cover Ariella

  Praise for the Teen Wytche Saga Spell Check 
 “Ms. Moon has crafted a spellbinding story. I was entranced within the first chapter,” Tifferz, 5-star Amazon Review “Spellcheck is a delightful teen romance about best friends, magic, and bad decisions.” Romancewriter, 5-Star Amazon Review   A great read that kept me captive, I couldn't stop reading! Ariella Moon has created a piece of art! I can't wait for the next book!” Jennifer Badgett, 5-Star Amazon 

Spell Struck Cover
 Spell Struck "A fantastic YA paranormal read, reminiscent of the film "Practical Magic"! Spell Struck combines quirky but fun teen characters dealing with new schools, romance, and family problems, with magic, and more serious topics like suicide and kidnapping." Sarah E. Bradley, InD’Tale Magazine 5 Stars, Crowned Heart for Excellence     

  “The Teen Wytche Saga is a gripping series of books that combine otherworldly magick with the everyday struggles of growing up a teenager in America… Unexpected plot twists at every turn of the page grab you and hold on from start to finish.” Karyn Pickles, 5 Star Amazon Review   “I loved Spell Struck even more than I loved Spell Check!” Freddie, 5-Star Amazon Review         

Spell Fire Cover
Spell Fire   This book looked fun and magical from the start … I really want to go back and get the first and second book now and read the series from the beginning. Ariella has made me fall in love with the characters in the middle of the story. I also can not wait for the fourth installment.” Becca Wilson, 5-Star Amazon Review   

“Great cast of characters, diverse protagonist, fast-paced action and romance, and a touch of different types of regional magic all tied into a fantastic read. I would highly recommend these to any woman (no matter the age) looking for an uplifting paranormal romance!” Freddie, 5-Star Amazon Review   

I loved it!!! Absolutely loved it!!!... “Overall a great book and an awesome series... I would definitely recommend this book to all the fantasy and YA lovers and hope that you guys will love it as I did.” CUTEsatarupa, 5-Star Amazon Review     


Excerpt From Spell Check, Book #1 The Teen Wytche Saga

About ten minutes into class, while Mr. Esenberg wrote on the board, I heard Jordan slide his feet under my desk. My breath wedged in my throat as the tips of his size nine high-performance sneakers nudged the heels of my shoes. Could the girl in front of me hear my heart thudding? Should I move my feet forward?
My feet tingled and refused to move. A blush blazed across my cheeks. I struggled to pay attention to Mr. Esenberg without making eye contact. Forty minutes passed, the bell blared, and I had no idea what had transpired. Hopefully, my notes will make sense. I think I took notes.
Jordan slid his feet back and thudded his book closed. We both bent down and reached for our backpacks. His leaned against mine. Our hands brushed and our heads were so close I could smell his herbal shampoo.
Students walked past us. I’m sure some of them were talking to each other or flipping open their cell phones. But it all faded away along with the smell of chalk, highlighters, and sweat. Everything receded except the warmth of Jordan’s skin, his cinnamon gum-scented breath, and the heart-stopping rush sprinting up my arm.
We jerked apart. Seeing Parvani in the doorway looking hurt and shocked snapped my senses into hyper focus. Conversations sounded extra loud. Colors seemed too bright. It felt like a movie had started, full blast, in a hushed theater.
Excerpt from Spell Struck, Book #2, The Teen Wytche Saga
Reality struck like a cold shower ten seconds after I crossed the threshold into Art. Explore! Create! Follow Your Muse! The colorful posters along the wall had nothing to do with me or my life. I wasn't here to explore my creativity or strike deals with some girl I'd never see again after the Crystal Faire. I was here to work. Papo's bottom line — as long as my art brought in money, he'd keep a roof over my head. The roof might be the van or a foreclosed house, but it was still a roof. Papo relished reminding me it was more than anyone else had offered. Dad had never talked about his relatives; I assumed he didn't have any left. Whenever I had suggested Mom's family might want me, might be looking for me, Papo would laugh or cuff my head.
"You think so, Nico? You think your aunt is desperate to find her missing nephew? Then why didn't she rescue you when your dad hit the bottle and you were starving on the streets? Huh? Because she didn't care. She ain't got any kids. Why would she want some street rat?"
Part of me resisted Papo's brainwashing. After all, when cancer had stolen Mom, Bronwyn had been away at college, barely twenty years old, with no family left except me. But over time it had become harder to remember the truth. Bronwyn had sent a cop to check on me. My gut twisted. One memory was clear: how Dad had glared at me.
"Tell him, Aidan. Tell the officer how you have plenty to eat and a safe place to sleep."
I hesitated. Dad acted all cool and confident, but I saw the fear in his eyes — fear that I'd tell the truth.
Dad kept pressing. "Bronwyn is just a kid. She's always been a worrywart. Go on, son. Tell him."
The baby-faced cop jabbed his thumbs into his belt. His glance wandered to two women crossing the street. His energy trailed them like a dog sniffing a scent.
Excerpt  from Spell Fire, Book #3, The Teen Wytche Saga
Thor's eyes met mine. Our gazes locked, and I swear he did a Zen mind meld. Soothing waves of chi — energy — flowed through me. The brimstone stink evaporated, replaced by the calming scent of lavender and sage.
Hazel's gaze swiveled from me to Thor, then back to me. Looking buffeted by an unseen wind, she silently returned to her seat.
The corners of Thor's full lips curved upward. Two urges warred within me — the desire to leap across the room and kiss him, and the urge to arch my neck and breathe fire.
Author Ariella Moon 

ariellaAriella Moon is the author of the Teen Wytche Saga, a sweet Young Adult paranormal series. Ariella writes about magic, friendship, high school, secrets, and love in Spell Check, Spell Struck, and Spell Fire from Astraea Press. Ariella spent her childhood searching for a magical wardrobe that would transport her to Narnia. Extreme math anxiety, and taller students who mistook her for a leaning post, marred her youth. Despite these horrors, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at Davis. Ariella is a Reiki Master, author, and shaman. She lives a nearly normal life with her extraordinary daughter, two shamelessly spoiled dogs, and an enormous dragon.     

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