Great news in the search for King Richard III's resting place. Yesterday the experts of the University of Leicester  officially announced  that the Greyfriars Project, which has attracted extraordinary global media attention over the past three weeks, had to date uncovered fascinating archaeological evidence. Key was the discovery of the lost medieval church of the Grey Friars where Richard is recorded as being buried after his death at the Battle of Bosworth. Moreover University archaeologists confirmed the discovery of human remains at the site (read the official announcement)

Today Channel 4 has announced (HEREthat they commissioned independent production company Darlow Smithson to make a history programme about the extraordinary hunt for the remains of Richard III   beneath the car park in Leicester. And this is a sign of great new interest in the so long and so wrongly despised Plantagenet king.  We really hope the time has come for him to get a final burial place and renewed fame. 

Enthusiasm is great among Ricardians and among them a group of enthusiastic fans of both king Richard III and British Actor Richard Armitage are going to start a collective reading of The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman, the historical fiction novel which started my own interest in Richard III (read my post about it). 
Fanny/iz4blue at DistRActed musings of one ReAlity organized the collective read of this great Richard III novel. If you want to join them this is their schedule:

Sept 23rd : Chapters 1 + 5 of Book One : Edward
Sept 30th : Chapters 6 + 10
Oct 7th : Chapters 11 + 15
Oct 14th : Chapters 16 + 20
Oct 21st : Chapters 21 + 25
Oct 28th : Chapters 26 + 30
Nov 4th : Chapters 31  + 2 of Book Two : Anne
Nov 11th : Chapters 3 + 7
Nov 18th : Chapters 8 + 13
Dec 2nd : Chapters 13 + 4 of Book Three : Lord Of The North
Dec 9th : Chapters 4 + 8
Dec 16th : Chapters 9 + 14 : YES : 6 chapters
Jan 6th : Chapters 15 + 21 : YES : 6 chapters
Jan 13th : Chapters 1 + 5 of Book Four : “Richard, By The Grace Of God…”
Jan 20th : Chapters 6 + 10 
Jan 27th : Chapters 11 + 15
Feb 3rd : Chapters 16 + 20
Feb 10th : Chapters 21 + 25
Feb 17th : Chapters 26 + 32  
Feb 24th : Last discussion

Most of the fun will take place on twitter where the book will be discussed with the hashtag #RA4R3.


aurora said...

It is so fascinating and beautiful that there are people who like reading historical fiction novels. Amazing!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Thank you! Current events makes it most exciting to read this now, likely during the course of our reading we'll hear the DNA results.