Breaking rules is extremely exciting for a  dutiful "black self" like me! However, as things are these days, breaking rules is a necessity. What's up? Nothing so terrible. What about a bit of RA & Spooks tonight instead of Friday night?
Don't worry. You'll have your RA Friday as usual, but ... with a surprise. For now, here's my mad ramblings over watching Spooks 0907. And they are mad! With some SPOILERS.

This is what I wrote on facebook soon after watching the latest episode of Spooks.  
“Just finished watching episode 7... we are close to the end of this incredible season. Ready for ... what is ahead for us and ... John Bateman? I really can't see any hope. Can you? My friends told me I was too pessimistic when I started fearing the worst before series 9 started but this is exactly what I expected. What about being realistic now? Last but not least ... Richard was immensely convincing tonight. Awesome, brilliant, moving. WE WANT A BAFTA FOR HIM THIS TIME!”
It was  2.09 a.m. on Tuesday. And , after all that,  I could not easily fall asleep. Too excited. I went on thinking.

I felt I had been too hard at criticizing the script writers. I had to be honest: they were doing a great job this time.  Apart from the Lucas/John journey in Spooks 9,  so intense and intriguing,  so many other things in this series were better than what we saw in the previous one. There are flaws here and there this time too, but the good things overshadow the tiny holes. Poor script writers! We are often too demanding and harsh to them. We should be grateful,  instead! They’ve provided RA with extraordinary occasions to prove his talent. And he did it. He took the chance and performed an awesome troubled spook. I can’t say I’m happy for what has happened so far, nor for what I fear I’ll have to see next time, but I’m totally hooked by this series.  I’ve already pre-booked the DVD at Amazon UK. I want to have it, whatever happens to Lucas at the end. These moments will be unforgettable. Nicola Walker and Peter Firth are giving brilliant performances too. The new ones, Beth and Dimitri,  are fairly good,  though I can’t get into them. I’m completely absorbed by what is happening to Lucas.

My favourite scenes this time were the very beginning and Harry’s interrogation of his man under suspicion. Richard was incredibly good - and Peter Firth as well -  in both scenes. In the first one,  John’s astonishment and anxiety ,  being trapped between Harry and Vaughn,  was actually depicted on RA’s pale face. He was on the brink of a cliff and going to fall down but he couldn’t even scream. 

Then Lucas/John goes totally nuts in a park among cheerful children playing all around. I had one hand on my mouth all the time and startled when he aimed his gun at Beth as if it was at me. I had to cover my eyes at his cruelty to cruel Vaughn.  Silly me! When watching action movies,  I’m dangerously carried away … dangerously. BTW, was Lucas/John so angry because of those pictures Vaughn had shown him? At last we had glimpses of what it could have been but wasn’t.  It can still be, you know? …  I’ve booked my copy of Spooks 9 DVD+ extras , I told you , so … still in hope!

Things rolled down one after the other till the heart of the episode: Harry and Lucas 's confrontation. Stuff of legend! An attempt to my nails, actually, to the bits of them left from previous episodes! What can I say on that interrogation scene? I’ve already seen it a few times. Those layers peeled one after the other down to the dark  soul of our man. But we are shown an even darker shade later on in the episode.  I studied RA’s voice and facial expressions accurately but, don’t worry, it was for my personal pleasure  only, I’m not going to bother you with a detailed analysis nor to spoil your own pleasure of watching it. Because,  there can be pleasure even in this suffering. And, mind you, I am not a masochist,  I was so angry till two episodes ago! I didn’t want to face all this.  Then I started rationalizing the situation and trying to simply enjoy the dreadful but  thrilling emotions I was experiencing. This excitement reminds  me of similar sensations : it was  during series 1, waiting to know what would be of Tom Quinn’s partner and her little daughter trapped inside that house going to burst. 
 Maya. I had liked her more in the first episodes. Dramatic scenes are not Layla's best achievements, it seems.  Let’s see how Maya sides with John now, if she can support him in these terrible, tragic moments. Doubtful smirk.
Have you read  Ian Wylie's blog about the final episodes? “Be Ready for Anything”  I know, I know… spoilers! You want to avoid spoilers. In fact, there are some , but nothing unexpected and , as I said so many times now, I don’t mind them.  I was only literally panicking at Wylie's closing sentence:
“Spooks being Spooks, there is a postscript.
Giving us something to think about on the long wait until series 10 next year”.

Does this mean we will only actually know the truth in a year? I bet they’ve planned something like that. I.just.can’t bear it! This is sadism! Have you  seen the promo clip for final episode? Are you ready for … Anything?
Meanwhile, see you on Friday.* Hugs * MG
(Finished writing on Wednesday night, November 3rd)

Thanks to Alicat at www.richardarmitagenet.com for the beautiful screencaps !


tyme_4_t said...

MG - you have captured many of my feelings on this series of spooks!
I so love the show and am so glad to see it back to its brilliance with the team working as a team. And to have some of the humour back too.
But Heavens Above...poor Lucas/John! I am still trying to cope with this storyline. RA has been fantastic working with perplexing storyline and I still think (ok hope) there is some sort of mind-trick, hypnotic suggestion that is causing all of this, because, I always come back to Lucas telling Elizaveta in series 7 - "I was MI-5 when we met, I was MI-5 when I was in prison, and I am MI-5 now." I just can't shake that.

Anyway, I am eagerly looking forward to Monday for the last episode of series 9! And then will be going mad with anticipation for the start of series 10!

Avalon said...

I am really trying to wait for the dvd, but I have watched here and there and I think I am the only one but I love him as a baddie......

RAFrenzy said...

Oh, I'd like to see him really be a baddie in this, but I don't think that's going to happen. It could be a repeat of the baddie getting redemption ala Gisborne. I really hope that's not the case.

Maria Grazia said...

@Time_4_t, Avalon, RAFrenzy
I love Richard's baddies and I love them for their complexity. Not cardboard baddies, nor simply killing machines. He is so convincing as a baddie. One of his scenes I've re-watched more often is John Mulligan's in prison, Moving On. But I like to think John Bateman started playing the hero and like it so much, he convinced himself he COULD BE Lucas North.

Unknown said...

No, you're not alone Avalon, and RAFrenzy, and MG: I always fall for the baddie in general, and especially for RA's baddies <3 He does baddies so well, so nuanced characters... how can a girl not to fall for them?
But I have a strong feeling he won't end up being a baddie: as Ian Wylie said, we are prepared for more plot twists in next (final, sigh!) episode!
As for the writers, as you say there are some major plot holes, but this series is much better than the previous one, so I'll suspend my judgment until the very end, prepared for the usual cliffhanger *rolls eyes*
Great performance from RA, and we're supposed to get more next monday, according to Ian Wylie: I loved his comment "Richard Armitage's FINEST HOUR" :D

Ali said...

Right now I just can't wait to find out what the heck Albany is. In Richard's interview with David Stephenson he gave a few clues away and I don't think my first guess is correct anymore. Anyway there will be more twists before the end I'm sure. It's been an amazing series of Spooks, I've loved it and the last few episodes have gone up another level in terms of drama and quality of script IMO. Brilliant stuff.

The Harry/Lucas scene was 14 minutes long, like a little play! Wonderfully acted and brilliant scripting I think.

I'm not convinced by the Lucas/Maya storyline but then we haven't seen them together really. It's been a couple of minutes here and there and not enough to really invest in the couple. But that's the only negative aspect for me.

Can't wait for Monday!

Maria Grazia said...

@Karen , Ali
Thanks for bringing interisting contributions to the discussion. It seems we all agree on a few points:
1. this series is good (or at least better than the previous one)
2. Richard has done an awesome job at interpreting his Lucas/John.
3. Richard is great at playing baddies.
4. We all are looking forward to the final episode though we know what it'll mean ...(very few still expect a miracle!)