DH Lawrence is one of the British writers I studied and read the least in my life so it is time to catch up with his work. Thanks to Traxy at The Squeee for this opportunity! DH Lawrence Challenge 2010 starts today , July 1st and ends on December 31st.  You must choose at least 4 items from this long list .
Read, watch or listen to anything DH Lawrence-related (original works, letters, literary criticism, etc.) during this time. You can re-read, re-watch and re-listen all you like. The goal is to have read/watched/listened to at least four items during the challenge's duration.

I want to read  1. Lady Chatterley's  Lover since I've never done it and 2. watch the BBC series  Lady Chatterley starring Joely Richardson , Sean Bean, James Wilby (1993). Then I'll re-read one of the novel I had to study at the uni so long ago, 3. Sons and Lovers and watch an adaptation as well: 4. Sons and Lovers (2003), starring Rupert Evans as the protagonist, Paul Morel.

There is a new Challenge I'm involved in from today till the end of the year. I've posted about it , including my list of tasks, on My Jane Austen Book Club since it is Everything Austen II! Have a look !


Mo said...

ok. Loved Sean Bean in LCL

JaneGS said...

I read a lot of D.H. Lawrence as a young adult--The Rainbow, Sons and Lovers, Lady Chatterley's Lover--now I can't imagine spending the time reading these books, they seem so over-the-top emotionally. Sort of Thomas Hardy meets Danielle Steele, though of course, I'll be eager to read your thoughts on them as you revisit them.

Maria Grazia said...

@Jane GS
I 've read very little by DH Lawrence and never his Lady Chatterley. It's time to get it a chance...maybe I'm just the right age. How old was Lady C.? ;-) Over-the-top emotionally? I like that!
Thomas Hardy+Danielle Steele...I'll let you know if I recognize these ingredients. Thanks, Jane. Hugs. MG

Traxy said...

What has made me giggle in retrospect about the Sean Bean adaptation is when Lady Chatterley's sister asks Mellors why he talks like a Yorkshireman and he replies that he isn't, he speaks a Derbyshire accent. The funny thing is that Sean Bean can only really do one accent, regardless of the role, and that is a Sheffield accent. And Sheffield is ... in Yorkshire. :)

I ordered the DVD of this once upon a time, but the disc was so scratched (it had come loose in the case in transit) when it arrived that it wouldn't play, so I had to return it. Since then I haven't bothered getting it, but now I have an incentive again. Might have a look for the Sons & Lovers DVD at the same time - thanks for the tip!

For my own to-do list, and the "oh yeah, I'll read one book a month" idea... well, when I actually looked at the book, it turns out that it's not five books. It's two books and three short stories (or extremely short books)! When I started reading the first one (Women in Love) I just felt distracted by the Brontë Challenge and couldn't concentrate properly. It begins with two women talking, but they weren't talking in the 19th century way, but at the same time, it wasn't a contemporary conversation, so it just felt a bit weird. Maybe I can resume normality once I've finished Shirley and Tenant! Fingers crossed. :)

Fanny/iz4blue said...

I'd say just stick to the series! The book is well....over the top but not even the satisfying kind. To much drivle (not sure how to spell that) but then you are the literary.
The social commentary is very dated and the backstory of Mellors intruiging and for me the best part of the book.
And Sean Bean is delicious "raw" an actor who says a lot without words.