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When I try to figure out what Richard Armitage might be like in real life, I think of Harry Jasper Kennedy. Don’t giggle and think . First, his real name : Richard Crispin Armitage. I mean, if Jasper is unusual, what about Crispin? Then, keep in mind his interviews, especially the oldest ones. Or more, have you ever seen one of the photos he has kindly taken with the lucky fans who met him? He has that kind look and that kind smile which reminds me so much of Harry courting Geraldine.

So, I guess Richard  might be much more like Harry than John Mulligan, Lucas North, Guy of Gisborne or John Thornton. I know there are several others but I can’t mention them all. To be clear and direct, I can’t find Richard – the humble man of the interviews for instance – in any of his characters. Apart from Harry J . Kennedy. Of course, I’m talking about deductions or expectations. But I bet I’m not far from reality.

(No, God's watching and He's bigger than me!)

This is why I love watching and re- watching the final two episodes of THE VICAR OF DIBLEY (2007) in which Richard is Harry, the Vicar’s handsome husband-to-be first and , finally, happy bridegroom. I like to think that that is Richard, not one of his characters. Or, at least, the closest to his real self.

What is special in this character?
They cast Richard Armitage for the final two episodes because Dawn French, starring as the Vicar, if they wanted to end the series giving her a husband, wanted him to be gorgeous. This was the only condition she set. But Richard/Harry is not simply the gorgeous towny bastard (quoting  Geraldine who doesn't know him yet) coming to Dibley to spoil its inhabitants and their peace, he manages to conquer its Vicar’s heart with his sweetness, kindness, smiling patient attitude. He is an accountant in search for some quiet escape from the city and he falls in love with the volcanic Geraldine Granger as soon as he lays his eyes on her. Incredible? Impossible? Just have a look at Harry’s eyes while he looks at her or listen carefully to his kind, soft words. He would make any woman believe it was true, that he was madly in love with her. He does make her feel special and beautiful in his eyes.

Do you need more or is it enough for me to explain why I like Richard’s Harry so much?

("G: When do your want this account to be settled?
 H: Now? G: This moment? H: This second! )

Richard admitted he had huge fun in the three weeks he was rehearsing and shooting VoD and it is easy to believe him. He hardly managed not to laugh in the scenes they shot live. And it's really enjoyable to watch his own amusement while performing with such a brilliant comedienne as Dawn French. Those scenes are hilarious and tender at the same time. The Handsome Stranger and The Vicar in White are the TV works in which Richards has left us a great deal of incredible  smiles, tender looks, sweet kisses to dream about.  After John Thornton's charming brooding over his love, Margaret, and Guy of Gisborne's fascinating frowning after  Marian, we have this sunbeam of a man to enlighten our days.

I’m not good at remembering lines. No,  worse, I’m just crap at it but..  I do remember many from VoD. I’ve seen the first date (the dinner), the door scene, the first-kiss scene and the funny proposal scene so many times that it would be strange if it weren’t so. Then,  you know I love Jane Austen and her works. And even the adaptation of her works. Since I saw the VoD scene in which Geraldine cries re-watching Sense and Sensibility finale, then comments Emma Thompson/ Elinor's  reaction with her exhilarating "Bleugh!" sound with  Harry who has arrived, meanwhile,  to ask her to pay her debt to him of  ... "one kiss...with tongues!" ...  I can't watch that part of S&S without smiling, at least. If I don't start laughing out loud !

(quoting from "Far from the Madding Crowd":
 "At home whenever I look up there will be you ...
and whenever you look up, there shall I be")
( Harry with glasses, added  especially for Luciana e time4t)
What about you? Do you like VoD and Harry?
Which is Richard’s work you like re-watching the most?

P.S. The latest news say that Richard Armitage's new character, John Porter, will be on SKY1 next May 5th in the first two episodes of the TV series STRIKE BACK. Have you seen the official trailer? HERE


Alexa Adams said...

Oh my! Would you believe I never knew that was Richard Armitage in the Vicar of Dibley! I figured he was some recognizable British hunk, but had no notion who. I love that show, and that scene in particular with the Sense and Sensibility references. I think I read somewhere that someone thought he should play Edward Ferrars - now it makes sense! I've almost finished Episode Two of North & South, and I have to say that I think I get it now. The pictures really don't do justice to him in action, lovely as they are.

Felicia said...

I <3 RA Fridays!

I find that I watch RA as John Thornton and as Harry Kennedy the most. Then it would be the bad boy Guy of Gisbourne.

Being in the US, I hope I'll find a way to see Strike Back it looks good.

Theresa N. said...

I watched some of VOD, but didn't see all of them. Loved what I did see after reading this I'm going to go back and watch the rest for sure. :)
Theresa N

Unknown said...

AWWWWWW! HJK is definitely a cutie! <3
He's a favourite of mine, too. And The Handsome Stranger is the RA-work I re-watch more frequently... in fact, I know most of the lines by heart, I'm afraid *blushes*
Thank you for this lovely post (and heartwarming picspam ;-), MG: you've made my day!
Have a nice weekend,
ciao KB

Phylly3 said...

Love him as Harry J. Kennedy! I'd love to see him in another romantic comedy like this one. Thanks for the Harry pics!

ElleJay said...

Hi MG,
I have to say that I had to put my copy VoD on to my laptop so that I could watch it anytime, anywhere and release the DVD player to my husband. I do have a soft spot for VoD as my other love Sean Bean has also married Geraldine (only in a dream sequence and he was playing himself), his picture also spent an entire series above her desk next to Jesus of course.
However, I will always be a lover of John Thornton as I like the idea of being courted in the Victorian way. I find it difficult when reading N&S, which I dip into now and again, of expelling the image of RA and hearing his voice. Harry does come a close second for a modern day version.
I think RA likes to play anti his nature and personality it makes it more of a challenge for him. No matter I will still watch him.
It was with great sadness that I recently heard that Dawn French is splitting from her husband of 25 years Lenny Henry. 
Loved this week’s RA Blog. LJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great Richard Armitage Friday! I had to watch VoD about 70 times during the Fanstravaganza and feel like I know it by heart.

Jac said...

Goodness! I almost missed this. I was so busy.
Thanks, MG for this post. It certainly brought a a smile to my face. I love your RA Fridays. I'm still in search of this works here. But reading your posts, I've come to know him more. I'm really grateful for your wonderful posts about RA!

tyme_4_t said...

Thank you for this fantastic RA Friday! Love Harry & Geraldine!! The screencaps are great but if you have one laying around with Harry in glasses...*swooning*

Traxy said...

Harry is soooo swoonworthy. The fact that it's the character closest to IRL RA doesn't help because Harry is so incredibly sweet and caring and funny and gorgeous and romantic and lovely and (a load of similar gushing adjectives). And he loves reading! Even Jill's Gymkhana! ;) How can you not just fall head over heels in love with him?

Luciana said...

I love VoD! Harry is my favourite RA character after John Thornton, although I already loved JT before watching the BBC miniseries... Harry is so cute! How cannot we love him? He loves reading and I just love the way he looks with glasses on! I have a thing for glasses so... I think RA should do more roles like this, I miss seing him in this lighter manner... My favourite scenes of HK are the one where he keeps coming back to the door and the one Geraldine is watching S&S.

tyme_4_t said...

@MG...Thank you for the glasses screen cap! *grinning*

@Luciana...I love glasses too!

Luciana said...

Thanks MG for the glasses!

Marg said...

RA friday...le sigh!

I love these episodes, and use them as my comfort watches quite regularly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for Richard Armitage, my "one weakness" too.
I love Vicar of Dibley, Harry and Geraldine.
My favourite episode - The Handsome Stranger, of course.
I really appreciate your work and thank you for it.

Unknown said...

i am thiteen years old and when i was 11 i was in paris laying on a sofa couch and turned the tv on in our apartment whilst it was snoeing and started my adventure of north and south. at first i did not like Richard Armitage's charatcer infact he actually scared me and made me angry and i understood why margret did not take as much of a fancy to him but as you do go throug the stroy you lern about his character and the things he has faced and what his beleifs are and how strong his love for margret is which is definitly justified with the ending scene which still gives me tingles but up until the 26th of december 2012 i had never seen him in anything since and had completely and totally forgot about him becuase i had mr darcy, mr knightly, captain wentworth, colonel brandon, mr tileny and mr edward ferrars. but on the 26 my world was inlightened again after three months trying to find someone good enough for me and i came to the conclusion i wasnt good enough for those boys. but i was in the cinema with my popcorn and a thump on bilbo bagginses door came and who be waiting out side but richard armitage with a beard and long hair which i couldnt believe was what i found attractive and quite handsom but in this movie and book i fell inlove with his character (mind you i saw the movie first) the loyal and caring prince thorin of the lonely mountain. after that i camme home and renacted scenes made my own story up involving the hobbit and dwarves it was so fun the only thing that dissapointed me was that he wasnt really there it was just my imagination. since i have covered my enitre mirror with photos of him and have to my mothers eyes completely ignored the whole point of a mirror but no a mirror should reflect some one who looks good and mine does HIM. but the biggest picture on my mirror is the kissing scene form north and south which i look at and only wish that some day i will find a man like that. i then went on the internet and found out things watched interviews of him so i could see what he was really like but its not that easy when they are talking about the new role he has landed and what the characters about but i came across the vicor of dibley the handsom stranger and i was probably laughing and smiling more than i have in any film or time in my life. but harry was definitly a charmer and i love how he judges her by who she is.i long for the day a man talk dark strong and handsom comes to me on the 4th date and askes me to marry him although i dont plan on sounding like im giving birth. i love the characters i have seen him play but i cant really say i love richard armitage because 1. i dont know him what he is like whats his intrests are how he broke his arm as a kid 2. i didntsearch into google images richard armitage i searched the characters names 3. i will never be with him i havent met him and he is more than 3 times my age but his charcters will live on in my memory and stay on my mirror forever and i do love john thronton, harry jasper kennedy and thorin oakenshield and thats probably not gonna change.

madeline emma wiliams australia