Dear Ladies and Friends,
have you read my interview with Jane Greensmith last week? Interesting, talented,  kind blogger buddies I have, haven't I? Her incredibly beautiful Intimations of Jane Austen  is going to get to one of the several (15!) readers who commented and left their e-mail address.Meredith needn't being entered since she said she's already the happy owner of a copy and left the pleasure and the opportunity to win to the others.  So I listed 14 names.
These are the participants int the order they commented and entered the contest

1.Ms Lucy
2. Luciana
3. HMSGofita
4. Martha Lawson
5. Linda Fern
6. Patty
7. M.Gray
8. Marie Burton
9. phylly3
10. lunarossa
11. Avalon
12. missbluestocking
13. Christina/BookAddict
14. etirv

 I'm sure the lucky winner will love these precious short stories. It's time to unveil her (nick)name!

And random.org device decided the winner is


And Jane, again, thank you very much indeed!


Meredith said...

Congrats Missbluestocking! You've won a very spectacular book!

Thanks for the lovely post about Jane Greensmith, Maria! I greatly enjoyed it!

Alexa Adams said...

I can't believe I somehow missed this interview! I just went back and read it and it was fascinating. I loved Intimations of Austen and, while I read Jane's blog regularly, this was a wonderful way to learn more about her. Congratulations to Missbluestocking, to you, Maria, for the lovely interview, and to Jane for such well-deserved recognition.

JaneGS said...

Just a note to say how touched I am by all your kind comments. Writing the guest blog was great fun, and getting to know all of you better is truly a blessing.

Luciana said...

Congratulations missbluestocking! Enjoy the book!

Ms. Lucy said...

What a great Giveaway!! She's so lucky!! Congratulations to the Winner:)

missbluestocking said...

Yay! Thank you random internet machine for randomly picking me! Thank you so much for hosting this interview, Madam Blogger, and thank you Madam Author for being so awesome. I can't wait to read the book. As soon as I finish, I'll post a review on my blog for the whole world to read. Squee. So excited!