Growing up with my lovely, wise grandmother I learnt to appreciate small little things and do you know what? It helps a lot to face life. For example, usually people plan great things for their weekends and long for the end of the working week. I usually hate Saturdays because mine are very often frantic: the housework & the ironing I have very little time to do during the week are there waiting for me! But today I managed to spare some time for me and that's a big conquest. It was only 5.45 p.m., my sons were going out for a pizza with friends, and I had, unexpectedly, some free time! Too early to cook dinner for two, my husband and I. So I sat on my small balcony in the fresh air and just watched the view surrounding me and listened to some music.

This is the view...

And this is the music ...

These two little things already made me happy and relaxed. So I decided to read a little. And I did it for about an hour. I'm reading a novel by Charlotte Bronte , SHIRLEY. I like it but I'm not keeping the pace I would like to 'cause I've been very busy these days. School is going to end, lots of final reposts to write and final tests to mark. But not today.

Then I cooked a quick simple supper for two, we ate salad and meat, cherries, and drank some good wine and now... he is finishing watching a movie (don't know which one) in the living room and I ... again... I'm trying to enjoy the little pleasures life can give... blogging is one of them, why not?

I've found two new blogs I like and in one of them THE BOOK GOBBLER there was a nice tag:

Try to recall in 15 minutes 15 books which will always stick with you. Do it in no more than 15 minutes. Nice isn't it?

Well, here are my 15 in 15:

1. L. May Alcott LITTLE WOMEN



5.C. Bronte JANE EYRE


7. I. Allende PAULA

8. O. Fallaci UN UOMO


10. J. London MARTIN EDEN

11. R. Bradbury FAHRENHEIT 451

12 .S. Plath THE BELL JAR


14. P. Mastrocola LA BARCA NEL BOSCO

15. A. Baricco NOVECENTO

But I've got many more! And it took me much less than 15 minutes!

Now, what are your 15 in 15? You don't have to think too much and must say the first 15 titles that come to your mind. Don't cheat....

Happy weekend... Lots of lovely enjoyable little things to all of you... My husband's movie is over...


London Belle said...

Thats the life! the view, the sun, the wine - swap you anytime ; )

Kathryn said...

I know exactly how you feel - one of the things I love most about living in Italy is that somehow those 'little pleaasures' in life seem to be so easy to find! Have a great Sunday now!

Elvira said...

You are lucky to be able to see that wonderful view from your balcony. And also wise to be able to appreciate the small pleasures of life. They are so important!!

Interesting choice of books!


@London Belle, Kathryn, Elvira
Thanks to you all! I know I can consider myself lucky and I really do it. HAPPINESS IS NOT ABOUT GETTING WHAT WE WANT, IT'S ABOUT APPRECIATING WHAT WE HAVE.

lunarossa said...

What a wonderful view! That reminds me why I missed Italy so much! I love the song and I was so priviledge to listen to it live just a coupl of days ago! I'll try my list of 15 books as well: 1.Pride&Prejudice; La Sombra del Viento (C R Zafon); 3. Uno Nessuno Centomila; 4.La Gita a Tindari (Camilleri); 5.Das Versprechen (H Boell); 6. La solitudine dei numeri primi; 7. Fiesta (Hemingway); 8. Se questo e' un uomo; 9. Girl with a pearl earring (T. Chevalier); 10. The Constant Gardener (Le Carre'); 11. Dubliners (Joyce); 12. Portrait of Dorian Gray; 13. L'Alchimista (Coelho); 14. L'eleganza del riccio (M. Burbery); 15. The Other Boleyn Girl (Philippa Gregory).
All the best. Ciao. A.


Good books, A. Yeah, I loved reading Paolo Giordano's LA SOLITUDINE DEI NUMERI PRIMI, sad and touching. Really beautiful. I've read also some others from your list. It seems we share much. As for the view from my balcony, yes, it's beautiful. We live in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, 70 km from Rome. I think I'll show the view from the other side of the house soon. It is very good too. Have a nice Sunday.

Mo said...

Think you should plan more evenings like this

Sabry said...

Beautiful view, music and book...good for you!
now I'm going to write my 15 in 15 on the blog ;)



@ Mo
Yes, it'll be done!
So, I'll go and have a look at your blog! I'm curious...
Thank you to both of you for dropping by!

j.j.teunissen@planet.nl said...

I share your appreciating of small little things and grew up with a mother, a grandfather at a small distance (but... both close and far away) and four brothers and sisters and do not know who teached me. Possibly both my mother and father (before he died at 41).

Anyway, the important thing is not from whom I learned but that I learnt to appreciate small things. On my blog "Tutto è possibile" I have written several posts about "lo grande y lo pequeño".

Your list of 15 is different from mine. On my list it's basically books by Italian authors: Silvio D'Arzo, Elsa Morante, Giorgio Bassani, Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, Cesare Pavese, Natalia Ginzburg...

I also have a nice view from my balcony at the back of my house, and in front of my house is a little lake. Some of these things you can see on my videos of which I put part on YouTube: www.youtube.com/zambrone1861

Buon giorno y saluti da Amsterdam


@J.J. Teunissen
Buongiorno a te J. J! You read a lot of Italian books then! I did it too! But my favourite ones are English as you read in my post. Thanks for dropping by! I'll have a look at your video. Promised!