(from guest blogger Lucy Adams) 

We easily notice the changes new technologies bring into our world. But do we think about their origin? Obviously, we don’t.  But so do writers – true idea generators who faster than others feel the nature of impending changes…Among the many writers who left a rich legacy, there are many of those who gave us a new vision.

The history knows a lot of great writers who formulated new ideas and eventually created an intellectual and – perhaps even more important – an emotional support of the future. The mighty of this world see challenges and opportunities in ordinary things; they often expose already existed but unnoticed before problems, point out smoldering conflicts, help us to understand the new challenges of the time and give us new hopes.

They were and are the people who define the generation mindset and take the brunt of the dramatic changes of the era. This list contains the names of the greatest writers of all time who belong to different nations and write in different languages. Those of you who are more or less interested in literature might know these names and might be familiar with their wonderful creations.Today, I would like to recall the best quotes of those writers who made an enormous contribution to the history. Go to Buzzessay and enjoy the best citations of authors whose works are in demand for many decades and centuries.

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