1. The Boar (Il Cinghiale) by Cecilia Latella
(from my reviewThis graphic tale focuses on the passionate love story between Richard III and the Earl of Warwick's younger daughter, Anne Neville. The story starts with a hunting scene, Richard is just a boy allowed by his father to hunt for the first time: he kills a boar. And a white boar will become his symbol once he is Duke of Gloucester, then king  Richard III.

The story is narrated from a very personal angle , focusing on the tormented, guilt-ridden soul of Richard Plantagenet  first as a boy, then as  a young man  and finally as an adult. The leitmotiv is his longing for Anne, his only love. She is the strength and light in his life, once she is no longer with him,  he will lose his will to go on living. Bosworth victory is not a merit of smart Henry Tudor, but a battle lost by a man already defeated by life.
The historical facts, battles and politics,  are just hinted at:  it is mainly a romance made up of flashes with many shifts in time. 

Giveaway winners : The paperback copy in Italian has been won by Giada M.  and the e-book copy in English goes instead to Debra Brown 

2. Gisborne - Book of Pawns by Prue Batten (from my review)  Gisborne and Ysabel will be side by side in a long journey, an unfolding ride through Aquitaine and England, filled with unwanted self discovery and unwilling bonding with each other. Theirs is not a smooth, easy relationship. It will be taunted by her prejudices and lack of trust in him and his unwillingness to open to her. However, they will not be able to loose that strong, instinctive tie made of lust, passion and empathy.  She will have to face her mother’s death, her father’s financial ruin, the marriage to a brutal man, and she must grow up while trying to drown her memories of Gisborne in a sea of misunderstanding, rage and mistrust. She is sure he sold her to Benedict De Courcey, the man who ruined her father. She should only hate Gisborne but it will not be as simple as that.

Giveaway winner: Lauren Gilbert

Many thanks to Cecilia Latella and Prue Batten for their kindness and for providing the copies for these giveaways Grateful thanks to all the readers who commented and entered the contests.

You can get your copy of The Boar at lulu.com. You 'll find Gisborne on amazon Kindle store.


Giada M. said...

Thank you, Maria Grazia! :D And congrats to the other winners! :)

Debra Brown said...

Many thanks! I will greatly enjoy this comic based on true history. How do I claim my ecopy? I will need a pdf for the computer. Congrats to Giada.

Maria Grazia said...

Don't worry, Debra. We've got your e-mail address, you'll receive your prize soon. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Congratulations and thanks again to both you and Giada M.

Lauren Gilbert said...

Thank you, Maria Grazia! What a great way to start a day! My best to the other winners as well!

Cecilia said...

I have now shipped both the printed copy and the pfd. I apologise for the delay, but work reclaimed me this week! Have a nice reading.