It has been snowing for 4 days now. The reaction of the majority of people tothis news may be: "How beautiful! Winter snow!". But it hasn't been beautiful at all. Rather awful. And the weather forecast is not encouraging. It will go on snowing until Friday. 
Reason 1  for the awfulness of the situation: we don't live in an area where it usually snows, we are not ready to cope with it, not at all organized to face emergencies of this type.
Reason 2. after a few hours, on Thursday evening,  we were left without electricity (no light, no heating, no fridge, no telephone, no computer, no hot water) and it lasted for more than 24 hours. There are still towns and villages with no electricity and areas with no water at all. The risk of other power cuts is real.
Reason 3. Impossible to drive our car out of the steep alley we live at the bottom of. No public snow plough will help us to get rid of all this snow. 
Reason 4. Our provisions are not endless, few shops are open and left with very little to sell.

Is that enough? It's a bit better this morning, at least for us.  My mother and sister are still with no water coming out from their taps, my brother and his family still without electricity nor water.  Instead, though our mobile phones are permanently dead -  no field yet, but who minds? -  power was back in our home and we could call friends and family,  heat ourselves and put our provisions back in the fridge (they were outside, partly buried in the snow) or have a warm shower after days at last.

You know how much I love the 19th century (Jane Austen's  and Gaskell's novels among others) but being back at that time was no fun at all. I know, I know,  we are spoilt by technology and modern facilities but being without was really nightmarish and made all of us reconsider priorities.
This was not Nocturne by Syrie James, no Micheal Tyler, no romantic escape from reality. With very little to do, in the darkness and in the cold, thoughts were not so positive. 
I was not alone, of course, I had my husband and sons with me and when I thought of the people who might have been alone in the same situation,  I felt a compassionate feeling which helped me to find something positive in that sad situation: I might have gone crazy alone.
I tried to enjoy the sudden extra spare time I got but ... reading or writing by candlelight was so tiring for my sight, I had to stop. Ordinary everyday actions became complicated. Just an example: the washing-up with freezing water made my hands sore. The extraordinary ones were no better: no central heating and being in bed to get warm in the afternoon was absurd, to have dinner by candlight was not at all romantic.
Now that I've finished with my unusual winter snow ramblings, a sun beam is coming out of the thick clouds. A sign of good omen? The weather forecast may be wrong, sometimes. Fingers crossed. And happy Sunday to you!


Sam (Tiny Library) said...

It's snowing here too (near London). I am completely unable to get my car off the driveway due to the angle I have to reverse at so will have a long trek to the nearest station to get to work in the morning and will have to leave very early.

I know the snow is beautiful, but I hope it melts soon so life can go back to normal!

Maria Grazia said...

School are closed here, Sam. So, fortunately we won't have to go out. It is going to snow again, they said. And power is going to be cut once more in the next hours.
Stay safe and take care, Sam.

Jenny Allworthy said...

When I heard of snow in Rome, I thought of you Maria Grazia. Good to know that you are safe. I hope it passes soon. In Canada we have no snow right now which is just as odd for us. The climate is very messed up right now. By the way, some salt will help melt the snow on your drive when you get close to being able to take your car out! Take care, Jenny.

Maria Grazia said...

They had much less snow in Rome. It is sunny today and they are coping with ice. It snowed again here (72 km from Rome) and we have problems with water and electricity. All the small villages nearby. And no mobile service.
Fingers crossed it get better soon.
Thanks for your words, Jenny.

Silvia O. said...

So sorry for you, dear Maria Grazia! I have been complaining for the last 5 days, for the heavy snow in Bologna. But at least I could still stay at home, comfortably. Hope it's better today. A big hug!

Maria Grazia said...

I love Bologna! Thanks a lot, Sylvia.
Now it is better. More snow coming, but we are safe and WARM at least.
Hugs back.MG

Prue Batten said...

Hello MG... technology is good when it works, but if we get a storm and the power goes out... as you say, there goes our heating, our lighting, our water pressure.

As I read your post, i thought that even here, where it never snows, we still get cold winters and maybe, just maybe, we were really silly to pull out the fireplace to give us more room in the lounge, to replace it with all electric heating throughout. Sure, we can light candles when the power is out but candles won't keep us warm.

The one advantage as you say, is that you can rest more: no school... I am guessing the family is home as well.

Stay safe, hope the snow stops and that life returns to a comfortable pace.

Maria Grazia said...

Dear @Prue,
unfortunately, ordinary life has stopped and we don't actually know when we can resume our daily rhythm. Lots of problems still in the area. The highway to Rome being still closed, many people couldn't get to their working places, school and public facilities are closed.
As far as we can stay warm (now we can!) and safe in hour homes, it is much better.
Thanks for your comment.Hugs. MG

Mulubinba said...

I was wondering how you have been going, Maria. Make sure you keep us posted.

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks, Mulubinba. Many people are still without electricity in central Italy, but we were lucky enough to get it back after 24 hours. They say, it hasn't finished snowing. There will be other snow. Schools and public offices are closed. Fingers crossed. There's beautiful sunshine outside and it makes it more bearable. Big hug. MG